It seems that for almost every category, skinny tires are out. Whether we’re talking full on MTB or Road Plus sizes, or just larger rubber for your average road and mountain bike, big is beautiful. Not known for super wide tires, even Ritchey is getting in on the action with two new mountain bike treads that straddle the line between standard and Plus. Building on their previous tread designs, normal mountain bikes now have an option for a 2.4″ Trail Bite, while the Plus crowd can roll the new Z-Max EVO 2.8…

With an almost identical tread pattern to the Trail Bite 2.25″, the 2.4″ spaces the knobs out a bit father with slightly larger tread blocks. Available in 650b or 29 x 2.4″ sizes, the tires will be offered in 120 tpi WCS or 30 tpi Comp casings. The WCS version includes a tubeless ready bead, softer rubber, and their Stronghold bead to bead casing reinforcement.

To hit the smaller side of the Plus segment, the long standing Z-Max has gotten a 2.8″ upgrade. Labeled a 650b x 73mm, the Z-Max Evolution will be sold in the WCS 120 tpi casing that is tubeless ready with their Stronghold casing.

Introduced at Eurobike, the Z-Max Evo tires should be a great fit for their Trail 40 rims and wheels. Tubeless ready and 40mm wide externally with a 35mm internal width, the wheels will be offered with a few hub options for standard or Boost spacing, and include 28 spokes each with a claimed wheelset weight of 1950g.





    • Tim Guarente on

      I think perspective is at play here and the wheel is tilted slightly. If you look, the logos get slightly smaller on the right side.

  1. cracked frame on

    I’ve always wondered why it has taken Ritchey so long to get on the 29er tire platform, and now they are still behind the ball on tire size.

    I always loved their tires in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Nice to see them finally offering these.


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