Felt Edict FRD

While Felt is a brand best known for its road products, the brand is firmly dedicated to mountain bikes. Knobby tires account for 40% of their global sales, and they’ve recently acquired an impressive CNC machine in order to help speed up prototyping.

In keeping with Felt’s new commitment to eliminate model years, there aren’t a ton of updates to write home about on the mountain side. Instead, the brand focused on small rolling updates – like different fork travels, shock tunes, and price points….as well as the promise of something entirely new dropping very soon…Felt DD Double Double 10 Fat Bike with Bluto

Most of the updates to the product line this year center around spec. For example, the rigid DD Fat bike was so well received, that Felt is introducing a model featuring a suspension fork.

Previously, all of the DD models featured a hydro-formed suspension corrected fork that Felt designed in house, but this new trim level comes equipped with the Rockshox Bluto.

Felt DD Double Double 10 Fat Bike with Bluto-3

 Retail for the DD10 will be $2,999. The complete will ship with 4.0″ tires,  but as seen here, can easily accommodate 4.8″ tires.

Felt 7 Mountain Bike

While the prices of high end bikes may be increasing faster than the rate of inflation, entry level bikes keep getting better and better. At this presentation, Felt was showcasing their new 7 Ninety 27.5″ hardtail, which retails for $499.

This is the lowest price point mountain bike they’ve ever created, and it features brand name components from reliable partners, e.g. Shimano, Suntour, Tektro, etc….

Felt Kids Bike-2

They also revised the geometry of their children’s mountain bikes. While most kids frame have BB rise, they’ve designed these models to have BB drop (like adult frames), which will improve stability and handling.

Felt Kids Bike

They also partnered with Suntour to spec a lighter weight spring and grease in the fork, for better suspension performance.

The 20 and 24″ frames both receive gender neutral colors and prices start at $369.

Felt Edict FRD Weight

And just in case you were wondering just how much that Edict FRD race bike pictured above weighs, the answer is 22 lb 5 oz /10.1 kg.

Felt Bicycles

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6 years ago

Is this where Santa Cruz is heading?

6 years ago

you wish, and me too.

good joke mate, really. you might buy 3 or 4 felt for the price of a santa.

6 years ago

“FELT INTRODUCES LOWER PRICE POINT MTBS”….with a hero picture of their Edict FRD, a nearly-$10,000 bike.

David Mills
David Mills
6 years ago

“Price Point” is how much it costs for a parent to buy a racing bike for their kid. If the “price point” is to high the kid plays soccer.

6 years ago

Ah too bad, the new Edict FRD is heavier than last year’s model.