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First Look: New Gamut Podium Pedals, Plus Cillos Bars and Direct Mount stem

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gamut podium pedal

Sometimes company mergers result in some really cool products. In the case of Gamut acquiring Point One Racing, Gamut planned on redesigning a few of their key parts with the help of Jimmy Amaral from Point One. As one of the first true collaborations between the two groups, Gamut’s new Podium pedal is the evolution of what would have been the Point One Podium 2. It might get a bit confusing since Point One’s first pedal was called the Podium, but from here on out it will just be referred to as the Podium pedal from Gamut.

Differing slightly from the Point One Podium 2, the photos sent to us by Gamut represent the new Gamut Podium – a wide, flat pedal that should be popular for those who would rather not clip in…

gamut podium pedal 2

Based on a 100x100mm wide aluminum platform, the Podium pedals use a forged body that spins on a heat treated chromoly axle for strength. Four sealed cartridge bearings are used per pedal which are part of the Podium’s two piece axle system. That arrangement allows for a durable bearing design without having a big ridge along the axle and still allows for a thin design.

gamut pedals

Measuring between 8 and 10mm in thickness, the pedal has some toothy looking hollow 7075 aluminum M5 studs that will certainly bite. In spite of the 295g weight, Gamut calls the podium the “lightest, thinnest, and most reliable pedal available.” Retail is set for $169.95 with pedals available in a few months.

gamut cillos direct mount

When we last saw the Cillos direct mount stem it was still in the prototype phase, but fairly far along. Now close to production, the final version will be all black with an anodized finish on the 3D forged and machined stem. The multiple mount design allows the same stem to be set at 45, 50, and 55mm all with zero rise. Available in a 31.8mm clamp, the stem has a claimed weight of 124g.

gamut cillos bars

To make the perfect companion for the Cillos and Cillos direct mount stems, Gamut is introducing the Cillos handlebars. Called the TR for trail and DH for, well, downhill, the aluminum bars are sold in 760 or 800mm widths.

gamut cillos bars 2

The TR bars will be available in either a 20 or 30mm rise, each with a 5 degree up and 7 degree backsweep. Sold in 31.8mm to match the stems, claimed weight is around 275g.

gamut cillos bars 3

Gamut’s DH bars have the same options as the TR bars, just in a wider 800mm size. Due to the extra width, the weight jumps up to 375g.

The new pedals, bars, and stems will join Gamut’s growing line of accessories that includes their ubiquitous chain guides, new narrow-wide TTR chainrings, and more.


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9 years ago

Pedals look fantastic – four bearings sounds all too like the old ones though – one big bearing and three hopelessly small ones that disintegrate into dust

Scott B.
9 years ago

@gee Yeah I just recently rebuilt my set of V1 Podium pedals. Nathan from Gamut actually gave me the parts for getting things back to the quality these pedals were awesome for. No idea bearings could just fall apart, but hey, they still worked great.

That being said, the dudes at Gamut are rad.

Thanks Nathan!

9 years ago

Pedals would be great if they hold up, but I’m a little bit dubious – they claim to be 8mm thick in the middle, which means not only do the bearings have to be tiny, but the axle size is also restricted to being incredibly thin.

I think the scenario will either be that the bearings are so tiny that the balls turn to dust, or the axle is so thin at that point that they’ll have a tendency to bend or break quite easily under bigger riders or impacts.

I think a large inboard bearing (as they have done) combined with a long bushing outboard (which they haven’t done) would be a far better solution, as it allows for a much thicker and stronger axle within the constraints of such a thin pedal.

I honestly cannot see this pedal holding up, but I would be happy to be proven wrong. I’m currently running the Spanks (both Spike and Oozy) which have been good but not perfect. The bushing part works brilliantly, but the inboard bearing could afford to be bigger – which I suspect will be the case for the inboard bearing on the Podium too.

9 years ago

I cant wait until these are for sale again. I had the V1 podium pedals and they they were performed flawlessly for 3 years. I finally had one fail, due to user error it think. it fell apart when a friend was borrowing my bike. i think the end bolt/retaining washer failed and he kelp riding them to the point where they got damaged beyond a rebuild, option. This happened right got bought by gamut and I sadly couldn’t buy new ones since. I am riding Canfield Ultimatea right now, they are equally nice. I hope they last as long. I trust the build quality of Point One Racing more. I wonder if the Gamuts will still be made in the US?

8 years ago

Where can I buy P1 podium 2 pins? My pins almost all flatten.

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