Fizik Luce Carbon offers premium perch for women in 2 widths, like for men

Fi’z:k has long offered saddle designs specifically developed and sized for women, with the Vitesse & Vesta coming to mind on top of an adapted-for-women Arione Donna shell. But with the introduction of an all-new saddle line called the Luce, available in two widths, it looks like Fizik is rethinking how they fit both women and men on the bike.

The new Luce saddles, replace both the Arione Donne & Vitesse, leaving just an entry-level Vesta remaining. But that’s probably not a bad thing. At the same time as they are debiting this new trimmed down kite shape for women with its relief cut-out, Fizik have started to offer all of their top road saddles in two widths to fit more riders, both women & men…

The new Luce Carbon looks to blend a wide flat rear for a stable perch with a quickly tapering, yet tall nose for reduced friction on the thighs when pedaling. The top-level saddle uses a multi-part shell with a carbon-reinforced beam down the center that let Fizik cut in the relief opening, and connects to their one-piece carbon looped Mobius saddle rail for an incredibly stiff structure. Then on top of that, Fizik molds in two more flexible wing panels that give strong but comfortable support to the sit bones, allowing the saddle to flex under the ride for all day comfort.

The top of Luce Carbon saddle weight just 175g and sells for 180€. At a relatively long 281mm it comes in two widths of either: 144mm Regular, or 155mm Large (which also adds 10g.)

A more affordable Luce S-Alloy version is available for just 100€ with the same carbon-reinforced shell but a heavier S-Alloy rail that brings weights up to 230/240g for the two 144/155mm widths.

For those women lamenting the loss of the Arione Donna, don’t fret just yet. We hinted at the new road saddles coming in regular and large sizes when Fizik debuted their LINK bibshorts back at Eurobike that were sized to fit together. With the new Regular & Large sizing of their road saddles, Fizik has taken the regular 130mm wide Arione and added a new 142mm wide Arione Large.

That’s still a few mm shy of the Donna version, but is also accompanied by a new 152mm wide Antares Large & 152mm Aliante Large. Each of those wider sizes are also offered in the (almost) top-tier full carbon R1 saddles for 200€ or the more affordable 150€ R3 versions with K:ium rails.

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ol shel
ol shel
5 years ago

Forget the man/woman stuff. Get the saddle that fits your sit bone width. It isn’t manly to ride a man’s saddle that hurts and damages your man parts.

Also, I’ve not met anyone who didn’t find a wider saddle to be more comfortable to sit on. When you begin to choose a narrower saddle is when you place a higher priority on the ability to quickly get behind that saddle (on steep descents, jumping, etc)without having it karate-chop your thighs. Though, with today’s dropper saddles, that’s somewhat lessened.

5 years ago
Reply to  ol shel

or, you know, chafing

5 years ago

great, more f*ing purple. Just what all ladies want.