Flaer Revo Via saves watts & maintenance with automatic chain lubrication system

We’ve all had those days where we wake up, throw on our favorite kit, pump up the tires, and hit the road. Then after a long ride the first thing we do is eat a pile of our favorite recovery food and hit the shower. The one neglected part of this equation is maintenance.

As we all know, either from years of experience or hopefully when you buy a bike, lubrication is vital to prevent premature wear. The Revo Via lubrication system by Flaér aims to help riders simplify bike maintenance, reduce wear and tear, while also saving watts. The claimed energy savings have caught the attention of the Orica-Scott pro team who will be using the system throughout the 2017 UCI World Tour including the recent spotting of the system at this year’s Tour Down Under

Flaér says it can save up to 12 watts of effort that would normally be lost in the drivetrain. The main components to the system include a reservoir with pump, hose, and application head. The reservoir mounts directly to the bottle cage bolts or with the provided adapter, rubber strap, or zip-ties.


It applies the lubricant directly to the jockey wheel where it’s spun into the chain evenly in very small portions. There are three output rates – low for dry days, medium on average days, and high when conditions are wet. Flaér also recommends using only their proprietary Via fluid, due to its light properties that reduces buildup and friction. The system is also calibrated to stop dispensing when cornering, not in motion, or inverted (on the go, at home repairs, etc). The £250 device is powered by two N batteries and will automatically power down after two hours of inactivity.


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Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
5 years ago

How hard is it to remember to apply lube once a week? Seriously I’m training a little over 10 hours a week and I re-lube with boeshield on my rest day it takes 5 minutes max and if I forget the chain squeaks and I deal with it for an hour and follow up with lubrication.

5 years ago

I guess as an idea it might stick this time, if the difference is actually measurable!