Wisconsin-based Follow Hollow’s new premium Peruvian alpaca fiber socks boast anti-odor, high moisture-wicking, and temperature regulating properties. And while the fibers comes from alpacas abroad, the socks will be made in the USA. Not just for cycling, these should be ideal socks for everyday wear, keeping feet happy on and off the bike.

Follow Hollow Alpaca Socks

The proprietary yarn of the socks imported from Peru is composed of 80% baby alpaca wool, 15% nylon, and 15% spandex. At a microscopic level, alpaca fibers are completely hollow. The hollow cavity creates a capillary action to move moisture away from the skin keeping the wearer’s feet dry and regulating temperature.

Founder Brian Davis says the Alpaca wool is softer and much less itchy than other types of wool. He’s using Kickstarter to fund the first batch of socks, initially offering just one style in one color in order to, and I quote “not lose my wife, house and two children”. Back the project for $45 and you’ll get two pair when they ship in January.



  1. Bob on

    So these socks are composed of 110% of 3 different materials. I guess bending the laws of physics explains why they cost so much.

  2. PDX on

    Alpaca socks are warm, softer than merino. Bought a few pair when the family stopped to visit an alpaca farm on the way home from a vacation.


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