Formula Cura X Brake shaves 34g with carbon lever and titanium hardware

Formula has added a premium version of its Cura 2-Piston brake featuring a carbon lever and titanium hardware; the Cura X. The use of those lighter weight materials resulted in a weight saving of 34g per brake, bringing claimed weight for the brake to 325g; that’s with an 85cm hose, 160mm 1-piece rotor and all mounting hardware.

Formula Cura X 2-Piston Brake

formula cura x master cylinder carbon lever 2 piston caliper

Like the Formula Cura and Cura 4, the new Cura X operates on Mineral oil. Formula say their own version has a higher boiling point than other mineral oils, but also a lower freezing point.

The new Formula Cura X 2-Piston Brake appears to be the more favorable option for XC racers looking to save weight without losing the braking performance of the regular Cura. The carbon lever is the standout highlight of the Cura X with tool-free adjustment of reach still available, running on Formula’s patented magnetic detention system.

formula cura x titanium master cylinder clamp

Material of caliper and master cylinder body is forged aluminum

Elsewhere on the brake, the heavier stainless steel screws are replaced by lightweight titanium screws, on both the master cylinder and the caliper. The clamp for the master cylinder is also made from titanium, further helping to reduce weight.

formula cura x brake master cylinder mounted on bar

Like the regular Cura, the Cura X runs on Mineral Oil that passes through a braided Kevlar hose, with the caliper home to two 24mm phenolic pistons. The master cylinder can be mounted to the bar alone, or it can be mounted with a Shimano or SRAM shifter thanks to compatibility of the MixMaster.

Pricing & Availability

The Formula Cura X Brake will be available from July, in limited quantities, with more stock due in the following months. Get it in Glossy Black, Polished and Gold colors. Pricing as follows:

  • BLACK: 255,50 €
  • POLISH & GOLD: 261,00 €

formula cura x levers

formula cura x 2 piston calipers

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5 months ago

When did Formula make the switch to mineral oil? All my old stuff is Dot.

5 months ago
Reply to  Seraph

Cura is their switch to mineral.

5 months ago
Reply to  Seraph

Introduced in 2016, and won both men and women’s Works Champs title in 2017 under Miranda Miller and Loic Bruno. All CURA brakes are mineral oil and have been excellent, much lower maintenance.