After last week’s review of Exposure’s Flare tail light, Rob from English Cycles was in touch to show off his slick integrated Flare mount.  By working a Flare into his seat tube, Rob was able to address our primary complaint- the Flare’s downward-facing bracket- and keep opportunists from making off with the little guy.  Hear it from Rob himself, and see more images, after the break…

Glad to see you like the Exposure Flare – I just set one up integrated into a socket in the seatmast, so it is mounted at the correct angle and is securely attached to the bike (remove the seatpost to access the mounting bolt); a couple of customers have already requested the same treatment on their upcoming frames.



See more details at Rob’s Winter Bike Updates post here:

…Yes it is coming around to that time of year again, and after two years I made a few changes to my winter bike. The first thing was that I wanted to try out an idea for integrating a rear light into the frame. The extended seattube now features a socket for an Exposure Flare. The light is secured in place by a bolt accessed by removing the seatpost, and cleanly fits into the frame. It is controlled by twisting the lens, either constant or flash, and removing the lens allows access to the rechargeable battery… (USA) (International)


  1. Blooseville on

    Man this guy has some of the cleverest ideas I have ever know and, of course, put it into practice to build some of the nicest frames.


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