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Found: JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION “Quad-Proof” Action Camcorder

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GoPro set the tone for action sports POV cams, and many have followed suit.  JVC is stepping up with their new ADIXXION camcorder, which they have dubbed to be “Quad-Proof.”  No, it has nothing to do with being run over by a four-wheeled ATV.  It means its dustproof, freeze-proof, shockproof (to 2 meters, / 6.5 feet) and waterproof (to 5 meters / 16.4 feet) all without an extra case.

If that wasn’t enough, this little cam (126g) packs built in WiFi and can be connected to a Smartphone for monitoring, can send live images to a PC, and can even transfer data via WiFi to your computer.

Recording video at full 1920 x 1080 is no sweat for this little guy, still images come in at 5 megapixels, and a 5x digital zoom is present as well.  All for around $350.


WAYNE, NJ, June 28, 2012 – A new “action camera” announced today by JVC offers unmatched versatility right out of the box, with standard features that have JVC’s new GC-XA1 ADIXXION camcorder ready to capture the fun in most any situation.

The new JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION ups the ante in the action camera category by offering a range of features and capabilities that outpace competing models. Truly pocket-sized and weighing barely a quarter pound, ADIXXION is waterproof to a depth of five meters (16.4 feet), shockproof to withstand a fall from two meters (6.5 feet), dustproof and freeze-proof, all without the need for a separate housing. In addition, ADIXXION includes built-in Wi-Fi, 1.5-inch LCD monitor, image stabilizer and offers full HD 1920×1080/30p and 1280×720/60p recording.

Past the jump you’ll find the rest of the press release, including all the nerdy details and specs.


With the introduction of ADIXXION, JVC brings its decades-long expertise in digital imaging to a category that has seen growing popularity recently as more people want to capture their snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking or just about any other activity, whether on the slopes or with the family at the waterpark. What JVC brings to the category is a camera that comes loaded with standard features compared to competing models and one that can tackle a wide range of activities right out of the box, with no need for an optional housing. ADIXXION comes with two mounts – a goggle mount and a flexible mount suitable for a wide range of applications, including use on a helmet or surfboard. A wide range of optional accessories are available, including specialized mounts.

In addition to its water/shock/dust/freeze-proof design – what JVC dubs “Quad Proof” – ADIXXION features a 1.5-inch LCD monitor built into the side of the camera so it’s easy to check footage in the field without the extra weight and bulk of an external monitor. The camera body features a scratch-resistant rubber texture, and there are two standard tripod sockets for easy mounting in a variety of locations. It weighs a mere 0.28 lbs. (126 grams).

Built-in Wi-Fi opens up a range of possibilities, including wireless connection to a smartphone that can be used to monitor the image – great for framing the shot when the camera is mounted on a helmet or other location where the user can’t see the LCD. Wi-Fi also makes it possible to send images live to a PC or mobile hotspot, or transfer data to a PC for sharing via social networks. What’s more, ADIXXION can stream live high definition video in real time to USTREAM without a PC. Android and iOS apps are available for free download, while Wi-Video PC software is supplied with the camera.

Video recording resolutions range from Full HD to WVGA, and all video is recorded as QuickTime-compatible MP4 files that can be easily viewed on computers and smartphones. Digital image stabilization minimizes camera shake, and the camera includes rolling shutter cancellation that corrects the image skewing that can occur with CMOS image sensors. The result is distortion-free images, even during fast-moving scenes.

A built-in HDMI terminal allows easy connection to HDTVs. Other features include ultra-wide lens, time lapse recording at intervals of 1 or 5 seconds, digital 5x zoom, 5 megapixel stills, white balance (auto/manual), exposure (auto), and self-timer functions.

The GC-XA1 comes with a goggle mount, flexible mount, two lens protection covers, a USB cable and battery. A wide variety of optional accessories is available, including roll bar and handle bar mounts.

The JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION action camera will be available in late summer for $349.95.

About JVC Americas Corp.
Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, JVC Americas Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation. JVC Americas distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment for the consumer and professional markets. For further product information, visit JVC’s website.

ADIXXION GC-XA1 Primary Features

• Quad-Proof Design: 5m Waterproof / 2m Shockproof / Dustproof / Freeze proof
• Built-in Wi-Fi (smartphone linking, streaming and remote control functions)
• 5M CMOS Sensor
• Super Wide Lens
• 1.5-inch LCD Monitor
• 5x Digital Zoom
• Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS)
• Full HD 1920×1080 30p Recording
• 5 Megapixel Stills
• SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot
• Time-Lapse REC
• White Balance (Auto & Manual) / Exposure (Auto)
• Self-timer
• HDMI® Terminal (mini)
• USB Cable provided
• Wi-Video PC Software provided

Recording modes and approx. recording times for each media

Mode FHD HD960 HD60 HD30 WVGA
Resolution/fps 1920×1080/30p 1280×960/30p 1280×720/60p 1280×720/30p 848×480/30p
Bit rate 15Mbps VBR 8.9Mbps VBR 13Mbps VBR 6.7Mbps VBR 3.0Mbps VBR
Card 64GB 9hr 30min 16hr 10hr 50min 21hr 47hr 20min
32GB 4hr 50min 8hr 5hr 20min 10hr 30min 23hr 40min
16GB 2hr 20min 4hr 2hr 40min 5hr 20min 11hr 50min
8GB 1hr 10min 2hr 1hr 20min 2hr 40min 5hr 50min
4GB 35min 1hr 40min 1hr 20min 3hr

Provided Accessories

• Goggle Mount: Attaches to goggle strap with supplied screws.
• Flexible Mount: Adheres to flat or curved surface with supplied 3M double-sided tape.
• Lens Protector x2
• LCD Protection Film
• USB Cable
• Rechargeable Battery

Optional Accessories

• Roll Bar Mount MT-RB001: Fits pipes from 21mm to 40mm (7/8? – 1-5/8?) in diameter.
• Handle Bar Mount MT-HB001: Fits pipes from 21mm to 30mm (7/8? – 1-3/16?) in diameter.
• AC Adapter AC-V17UL / AC-V10L: Charges ADIXXION battery from outlet.
• Float Strap WA-FL001: To help the camera float while in water.
• Goggle Mount MT-GM001 (same as supplied with camera)
• Flexible Mount MT-FM001 (same as supplied with camera)
• Lens Protector GL-LP001 (same as supplied with camera)
• Battery BN-VH105 (same as supplied with camera)

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11 years ago

Hey look, another NOT GOPRO! The market is taken.

11 years ago

When I first glanced at the picture, I thought it was a forerunner of the current camcorders on the market.
But then I saw that there was no ‘mystery pic’ caption at the top of the header and I knew I was wrong.

11 years ago

Hey, if it works well and has solid mounting options, it’s still a growing market.

Psi Squared
Psi Squared
11 years ago

The market is certainly not taken. While GoPro has a big share of it, there’s still lots of room for improvement on their products and for innovation across the industry. The form of this JVC bit is no more boxy than the GoPro, it might actually have a form more conducive to helmet mounting than the GoPro. There’s nothing else to say until comparison testing is done.

11 years ago

Xris – Competition is good and it gives the consumer options. I bet you own an iPhone and feel the phone market is taken. Shut your yapper.

11 years ago

Anyone know how you can mount this to multiple helmets? It would certainly give the GoPro a run for its $ as far as features go, but one of the great things about the GoPro is its versatility in mounting situations. I hate the idea of having to stick something on to each of the 3-4 helmets I routinely use while filming.

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