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If you know your roots, you know Klunking. Of course, that would imply you are a mountain biker as well. Really, when it comes to mountain biking, Klunking is its most simple form. Two wheels, single speed, and a coaster brake. Originally accomplished by the pioneers of mountain biking with modified beach cruisers, over the years a few brands have tried to capitalize on the nostalgia with Klunkers of their own.

The latest company to do so (and do it well by the looks of it), is Asylum Cycles. By combining the style and geometry of those original Schwinn Excelsior frames with modern versions of the 650b wheels and tires found on randonneuring bikes from the 50’s, Asylum looks like they deliver on both style and performance at a price that will still leave room for the post ride beverages…

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At the heart of any Klunker is a sturdy steel frame. The Asylum Hank makes use of high tensile steel tubing with twin top tubes and a chromoly downtube. While the frame may blend in with its vintage counterparts, there are a few features give away its modern heritage. Upfront you’ll find an integrated head tube with a sealed Cane Creek headset similar to what you’ll find on many modern BMX bikes. The frame also includes International standard disc tabs front and rear in case you want to upgrade to more modern brakes in the future. The purists needn’t worry though, as the bike is equipped with a bolt on, single speed, coaster brake Falcon hub set. Rear spacing is set at 135 mm to make a future hub swaps possible.

In order to control those sweet skids, Hank runs an extra wide chromoly Moto bar with a front load BMX stem.

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Since durability skid after skid is a priority, Hank includes a Euro threaded sealed cartridge bearing bottom bracket with a three piece Samox tubular chromoly BMX crank, 43 tooth chain wheel, and gnarly VP Bear-trap pedals.

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Available in the raw or Bass Boat purple, the bikes ship naked but include extra decal sheets for you to dress them up as you wish. All Hanks roll on Jalco double walled rims with Duro tires and will sell for $450 through Western Bike Works.


No official geometry is given, but we’re guessing “the notebook” may have some insight into the one-size-fits-all dimensions.

Honestly though, if you’re going to buy this bike you probably didn’t need to read all of that- this video would have done the trick.



  1. Henrik on

    I am sorry but, *YAWN* I was hoping for something a bit more modernized with say… a rear disc brake. Klunking on a road? Looks like it was filmed near Scappoose. More trail would have been good. But I bet this is a pig of a bike. Heh, I think the price point shoulda been around $300.

  2. Patton Jenkins on

    Henrik- I was thinking southwest WA by the vegetation, but Scappoose would make sense with the glimpses of the valley, and would have the same trees and understory and industrial forest feel. PDX ain’t that far upstream. God, I miss the PNW.

  3. Kernel Flickitov on

    @Henrik, true ‘klunkers’ are coaster. Looks to me that it’s no pig either. The rider in the vid is maybe 150lbs and crushing it up and down, on/off road! Save your $300 for a Walmart hybrid.

    I’ll take one in clear over raw with a 6pk basket.


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