The Fox Transfer dropper seat post is completely redesigned for 2021. The overall length loses a minimum of 30mm across the size range. Minimum insertion lengths are slashed too. This means many riders should be able to upgrade their 2020 Transfer dropper, upsizing the drop length for more clearance on descents. Also helping in this department is the patent-pending clamp design which dramatically reduces stack height. Here’s a preview and tech specs.

2021 FOX Transfer Dropper

The FOX Transfer dropper seat post is a cable-actuated hydraulic dropper available in four drop lengths; 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm. FOX offer the Transfer in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters to suit most mountain bike frames. For 2021, you can expect more drop as a fraction of the overall seatpost length. As a result a lot of riders will want to upsize.


For example, the 125mm dropper loses a total length of 43.5mm shaving 20.3mm off the minimum insertion length. Thus, riders running a 100mm 2020 Transfer may be able to upgrade to a 125mm. Likewise, riders running the previous 125mm will likely be able to upgrade to the 150mm Transfer, and so on. The more room you have to maneuver over the bike on descents, the better the command you have over the bike’s handling. With the reduction in length, the Transfer also shaves an average of 25g across the size range.


The saddle rail clamp is redesigned for this model year, too. It is now much lower in profile, reducing the stack height of the FOX Transfer considerably. It will take 7mm saddle rails only, the size typical of steel/aluminium rails.


The new Fox 1x dropper lever weighs a claimed 33.5 grams, 34% lighter than its predecessor

Sold separately is a redesigned underbar 1x lever for pairing with the FOX Transfer. The lever is Direct Mount, Matchmaker and I-SPEC EV compatible. The paddle features ridges to provide some friction between the rider’s thumb and lever to aid actuation. The lever pivots about what looks to be an oversized bearing, similar that seen on OneUp’s dropper lever, so it should be a smooth operator.

Drop Length (mm) Seat Tube Diameter (mm) MY21 Transfer Weight (g) MY20 Transfer Weight (g) ▲Weight
175 31.6 643.8 631 12.8
175 30.9 616.2 604.1 12.1
150 31.6 588.7 587.6 1.1
150 30.9 566.5 563.6 2.9
125 31.6 538.4 542.6 -4.15
125 30.9 518.3 521.9 -3.6
100 31.6 487.7 497.5 -9.8
100 30.9 471 480.2 -9.2


For 2021, the FOX Transfer is more easily serviceable. With the old design Transfer, everything was pressed in through the top of the post and then a bushing was pressed on. Because of this, you need a tool to pull the post apart to separate the main tube from the seat tube. The new Transfer has a nutted collar at the top, so you can undo the nut and pull the post out that way. It means you can now do some quick maintenance through the top by undoing the collar and dripping oil in.


We shouldn’t have to wait too long for a 200mm Transfer post

Pricing & Availability


Get the 2021 FOX Transfer dropper Kashima Coated or Black Anodised for $349 and $249, respectively. Canadian and European pricing is as follows: CDN $389 – $459 / EUR €339 – €429. Pick up the new 1x lever separately for USD $65 / CDN $89 / EUR €69.

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2 years ago

Will they still be offering the collar routed cable option, or is it stealth only now?

2 years ago

“The lower saddle rail holders look to be disconnected pieces, integrated into the seatpost shaft itself.”


2 years ago

Losing 30mm is not a benefit for tall riders unless I am missing something. Hope this is not a trend.

2 years ago
Reply to  GTM

I think they are losing 30mm insertion, but the drop is the same, if I am reading it correctly.

Gerard Posch
Gerard Posch
1 year ago

What is the size of the nutted collar at the top?