The Sony Dream Capture series has resulted in some pretty amazing videos from Matt Hunter’s trip to Afghanistan, to Casey Brown riding brakeless. Now it’s Brett Rheeder’s turn to capture his riding dreams with Airs & Alleys. If you had the skills, and ramps at your disposal what would you do?

For a totally different type of city riding check out the action from the Red Bull City Downhill World Tour in Valparaiso next!

The latest round of South American city downhill insanity comes by way of Filip Polc. He may have smashed his face into the ground after a wall ride gone bad in practice, but Polc came back to win the Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2014.

Peloton Magazine’s Mr. H returns, this time pitting the Specialized Venge vs. BMC TMR01 vs. FeltAR2. All in an attempt for the big “S” to regain it’s title as the fastest bike down the mountain.

All the action’s in the first bit, but you can see the bears milling about at the top of the mountain for the duration. Via FlowMountainBike.

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8 years ago

The bear was probably pissed off at those squeaky-ass brakes.

8 years ago

What’s with the manual to the jump, set front tire down, then hit jump?