courtesy Ogden CVB, photo by Philip Beckman

  • USA Cycling 2nd Annual Fat Bike Nats Returns to the Wasatch – Ogden, Utah will welcome fat bikes back for the second year of National Championships this February 27. This year’s race will feature a 12 miles course across Powder Mountain’s Hidden Lake terrain for the amateur title, while the pros will compete over 18 miles. During the events visitors will have access to free fat demos from Borealis and local shops, as well as a chance to win a fat bike of their own. More info on the championship events and registration are at USACycling.org and VisitOgden.com.



  • Kask Sponsors USA CX Nationals – It’s almost time to head to Asheville for this year’s Cyclocross National Champs, where Kask will be supporting both its sponsored riders and the event as a whole. It ain’t cheap to put on a championship, so it’s always good to see cycling companies putting their advertising dollars into events with such broad reach, as juniors to the masters, and even the elites will fight for their chance to wear the Stars and Stripes. Get out and spectate January 5-10th. More info again at USACycling.org.


  • Limited time left for Scott #irideforpaul drawing – We’ve covered the #IRideforPaul fundraisers several times in the last month or two after his bad crash. But we just got a heads up that the raffle to win the custom Scott frames ends on January 4Road2Recovery.com
  • Mission Workshop/ Yonder Journal and a Sweepstakes -The two companies have paired up through 2015, heading into the unknown to test their new gear. What has survived made it into their offerings, while the others dropped away. The latest field test took the Yonder writers/riders over the Sierras and through mountains on fat bikes in British Columbia. Now those new products are up for grabs together with a Specialized bike, helmet, shoes and a whole kit so you can get lost, too. Check them out for a chance to win: YonderJournal.com.


  • Origin8 Recalls Folding Bikes – The CPSC announced the recall of about 1,600 folding bikes sold by Origin8 (the F1, F3 & F7). The frames on the affected folding bikes can break at the weld during regular use, creating a fairly obvious crash risk. The bikes distributed through local bike shops via J&B Importers should be immediately return to their point of purchase for replacement. CPSC.gov


  1. Jason on

    Yeah, when can we break up fat bike nats into like 4-6 categories based on tire width? I’m pretty sure we could use more division. If in doubt, segregate.

  2. Veganpotter on

    Let’s not forget the drop bar fat bike nationals, drop bar mid-fat, 27.5plus oh, and a single speed version of each. With enough categories, everyone wins a national title… so long as Ned decides not to race each category

  3. LanceAndre on

    Ya be cause every knows that FATBIKE racing started with 15 miles races… pft! You want to win a “national” at FATBIKING? Try your hand at -45dF for 135 miles on the Canadian boarder carring food, a stove, sleeping gear, etc… (Arrowhead 135), now that is a championship.


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