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Fuji Drops in with New Auric and Rakan MLink Full Suspension Bikes

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Fuji has released the new Auric All-mountain and Rakan XC/Trail bikes they teased us about earlier this Summer. Both bikes are using the patened MLink Suspension Technology that you might recognize from that of Breezer’s Repack and Supercell bikes that were introduced last year. Although Breezer and Fuji are under the same ASI umbrella….. these are not the same bikes.

Roll on through break to see what makes them different and how they save some significant weight….



Although Fuji’s 160 mm Auric 27.5 and 120mm Rakan 29’er have the same travel as Breezer’s Repack and Supercell, they lightened up both the rear triangle and main frame significantly and gave them a slightly slacker 67° (Auric) and 69° (Rakan), head angles. To review from our long term review of the Breezer Repack, MLink is a four-bar linkage system that uses a “short-linkage” located mid chainstay. This combines the suspension tuning previously possible on only short-link systems with the geometry advantages of long-link systems. MLink’s longer links rotate less than short-link systems, reducing stress on pivot bearings — and unlike a long-link system, MLink connects the seatstays and chainstays for better triangulation and a stiffer rear swingarm, while still taking advantage of shorter rear chainstay geometry.

“We believe MLink is the best performing suspension system on the market today,” said Fuji Mountain Bike Marketing Manager Brian McKinney. “It guarantees incredibly efficient climbing, yet doesn’t sacrifice anything on the descents. MLink will fundamentally change rider perceptions of how efficient and plush a full-suspension bike can be. We can’t wait for riders to experience Auric and Rakan.”


The all-mountain Fuji Auric features a tapered head tube, Boost 148 rear & 110 front hub spacing, 67° head tube angle, an over-sized hydroformed downtube, and press-fit 30 bottom bracket to form a stiff, lightweight frame. All of this riding on the MLink system should confidently plant things on high-speed technical descents. All Auric models will come with a dropper seatpost and are available in 4 sizes in all 4 models, with specs ranging from SRAM XO1  down to Shimano Deore.

16_FUJI_AURIC_27.5_1.1_SIDE 27.5 Auric 1.3


Top, L to R Auric 27.5 1.1, Auric 27.5 1.3, Auric 27.5 1.5, and Auric 27.5 1.7

AURIC Geometry

SIZE (S)15″ (M)17″ (L)19″ (XL)21″
SEAT TUBE, CENTER TO TOP 381 431.8 482.6 533.4
TOP TUBE, EFFECTIVE 571.5 605 625 645
TOP TUBE, EFFECTIVE IN. 22.5″ 23.8″ 24.6″ 25.4″
HEAD TUBE 105 105 115 125
SEAT TUBE ANGLE 73 73 73 73
HEAD TUBE ANGLE 67 67 67 67
CHAINSTAY 438.1 438.1 438.1 438.1
WHEELBASE 1125.8 1159.2 1180.4 1201.5
FORK OFFSET 44 44 44 44
STACK 612.7 612.7 621.9 631.1
REACH 384.2 417.7 434.9 452.1
STANDOVER 760 782.1 771.4 792.9
STEM 50 50 60 70
HANDLEBAR WIDTH 760 760 760 760
CRANK 170 175 175 175
WHEEL SIZE 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″

Rakan Mtn TRUE

The XC/Trail Fuji Rakan features 29” wheels with 120mm of MLink suspension travel as well as Boost 148 rear & 110 front hub spacing paired with a 69° head tube angle. The 449mm chainstays call for a nimble ride in tight trails and confidence when hitting high-speed corners. The internal cable routing, optimized for side-swing front derailleurs, provides clean frame aesthetics and tidy cable management. Rakan is available in 4 sizes in all 3 models, with specs ranging from SRAM X1 down to Shimano Deore.

16_FUJI_RAKAN_29_1.1_SIDE (1)


Top & L to R: Rakan 29 1.1, Rakan 29 1.3 & Rakan 29 1.5

 Rakan Geometry
SIZE (S)15″ (M)17″ (L)19″ (XL)21″
SEAT TUBE, CENTER TO TOP 381 431.8 482.6 533.4
TOP TUBE, EFFECTIVE 555 590 612 641
TOP TUBE, EFFECTIVE IN. 21.9″ 23.2″ 24.1″ 25.2″
HEAD TUBE 105 105 115 115
SEAT TUBE ANGLE 74.5 74.5 74.5 74.5
HEAD TUBE ANGLE 69 69 69 69
CHAINSTAY 449.5 449.5 449.5 449.5
WHEELBASE 1110.8 1145.8 1168.8 1197.8
FORK OFFSET 51 51 51 51
STACK 610.3 610.3 619.6 619.6
REACH 385.8 420.8 440.2 469.2
STANDOVER 766.4 776.4 775.3 792.7
STEM 70 70 80 90
HANDLEBAR WIDTH 710 710 710 710
CRANK 170 175 175 175
WHEEL SIZE 29″ 29″ 29″ 29″

“Auric and Rakan represent a new era for Fuji Mountain bikes, a renewed focus on innovation in this growing category,” said McKinney. “Riders are going to look at Fuji mountain bikes in a whole new way.”


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8 years ago

Nice looking Salsa/Breezers.

Ol' Shel'
Ol' Shel'
8 years ago

Not much different, dynamically, from a single pivot, but it’ll work well.

8 years ago

Seraph, that’s like saying all dw-link or abp/split pivot or Horst link bikes ride the same because they look similar

8 years ago

If these ride even close to the way the Repack/Supercell do I’m hooked.

Dave Wissenbach
6 years ago

After riding the Auric 1.7 for more than a year, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the 67 degree head angle is too steep for some of the trails here in Arizona. A Cane Creek ZS 44 / EC 49 Angleset with 1.0 degree cup installed provides a big improvement in the handling when the trail gets steep by reducing head angle to 66 degrees. With this modification I feel much safer when the riding gets steep and / or chunky.

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