Sunset Hills Cemetery in Eugene, OR has taken their natural burial offering to the next level.  Funeral Home Director Wade Lind has designed a three-wheeled bicycle capable of carrying their casket basket ($3500) to the deceased’s final resting place.  The bike is even outfitted with an electric hub motor to assist in getting up hills.  KVAL of Eugene has the full story here complete with video.


  1. Matthew on

    I can see that basket skipping of the back on the climb to the Col Du Galibier. Anyway, doesn’t it need a bike rack so that you can be buried with your steed?

  2. Matt on

    I applied to be the captain of a very similar service in the UK (it was a side car design instead) but the business didn’t take off unfortunately. They also have a motorbike hearse that can “do the ton”, what a way to go!


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