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G-Form Shows New Colors and Products To Protect You and Your Electronics

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As one of the growing number of sports equipment companies employing the use of the super polymer Poron XRD, G-Form is rapidly expanding their product line as word of their performance spreads. The secret to G-form’s success is the temporary hardening effect of the Poron XRD upon ipact, which absorbs most of the energy. Immediately after impact, the pad returns to its soft and flexible state, offering the best of both worlds: flexible and protective.

At Interbike, we caught up with the G-form crew, and had Thom run us through an entertaining demo of the Poron XRD padding shown in the video above. We’ve had a set of their elbow pads on review for a short period of time, and recently added the knee pads to the mix as well (look for a review in the near future). But sports equipment isn’t the only application for G-form, as they also make laptop and iPad cases as well. While out at Interbike I picked up an Extreme Sleeve for my laptop and accidentally put it to the test on the way home.

Find out how an Extreme Sleeve handles airport baggage handling after the jump…

During the insanity that is the last day of Interbike, I had thrown my laptop into my giant duffel bag so that I didn’t have to carry it around while I walked the show floor. Upon returning to the car, and rushing to get changed and rearrange all my stuff so that I could get through airport security, I forgot to remove my laptop from the duffel to put it in my carry on. It wasn’t until I was seated on the plane that I realized that my laptop which was in a completely unprotected, half full soft duffel bag was at the hands of the airport luggage staff. I was already planning on what laptop I would have to buy.

Fortunately for me, I had placed it in the G-form Extreme Sleeve and once I landed on the other half of the country I found my laptop to be completely unharmed. Keep in mind that I broke this very same laptop’s screen on the last trip after my bag fell three feet onto the floor of the Detroit Airport. Somehow I’m guessing it got knocked around a little more going through the airport in essentially a giant trash bag, than in a little fall in a public bathroom. Verdict? It works.

Curious about that video test of the Poron XRD padding found in G-form? Sure, it’s not the most scientific test in the world, but the results are pretty impressive. I witnessed Thom run the bowling ball drop no less than 10 times, and the results were always the same: non Poron XRD M&Ms were crushed, G-form M&Ms showed a few cracks if any. They went through a lot of M&Ms.

Two of the newest G-form products, the Crash Shorts and Protective Compression Shirt, also highlight G-Form’s newest colorway: Black. While G-form’s signature yellow pads were certainly eye catching, consumers were actively voicing their desire for something a little more subdued, and G-form listened. Now most G-form products will be available in both yellow or black.

Just like the knee, shin, and elbow pads, the new compression shorts ($79.99) and shirts ($89.99) feature strategically placed RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) padding to protect the user from impacts to key areas. The padding is low profile, lightweight, flexible, and completely washable. The shirt will also be offered in a Sternum only model without sleeves for $39.99.


Not only does G-form have you covered if your laptop needs protection, but now they have your iPad covered too. iPad users are now offered two ways to protect their tablet with either the Extreme Edge ($44.95, left) or the iPad Extreme Sleeve ($69.95, right). The Extreme Edge offers a complete RPT rear panel with full frontal iPad functionality (rear camera will be obscured). The Extreme Sleeve on the other hand offers full RPT protection when the sleeve is closed, and when opened doubles as an easel stand. Both will be available in yellow or black.

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Steve M
Steve M
12 years ago

I am rather excited about this stuff. I have been using padded compression vests while playing basketball and the amount of rib injuries has gone down to near nothing. Great idea.

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