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Get $20k and a loaner adventure van as “President” of the Loam and Gravel Society

robert axle project vanlife contest
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Most of our staff would go to great lengths for $20,000, a van, and a 3-month road trip assignment. Sound good to you too? Here’s what to do.

Two mountain bike brands just announced they’re looking for the inaugural president of a secret society. What does that mean? Essentially, Old Man Mountain and The Robert Axle Project want to find the right wild child to tear around the Western U.S. for three months in a campervan making YouTube videos.

carefree camper co.: loam and gravel society contest
Note: Example of a van build by Carefree Camper Co. only. Actual ambassador van not pictured; (photo/Erik Fenner)

Stated qualifications include comfort with talking to yourself in public, love for riding bikes, and readiness to lead the very public Loam and Gravel Society. If you have all three, get your pitch deck ready.

The two brands want to pay a new ambassador (or “president”) $20,000, kit them out with bikepacking gear, and send them off in a Carefree Camper Co. van.

All you need is a bike, a laptop, and “photo and video equipment” (got an iPhone?).

Key Loam and Gravel Society’ Presidential’ Duties

The job is to create an eight-episode YouTube series about, essentially, riding bikes. The ideal candidate will focus on the fun from the sound of things.

old man mountain company ride: loam and gravel societ vanlife contest
On a 2021 Old Man Mountain company bikepacking trip; (photo/Erik Fenner)

“You can be fast,” Old Man Mountain and The Robert Axle Project said in a statement. “But the focus should be on enjoying the rides, the sights, and meeting potential inductees to the society. You are a content creator, so you have to be willing to take lots of breaks and re-ride sections to properly chronicle them for The Society.”

“The Society” appears to refer to a cohort of like-minded individuals to whom the brands can market.

Per the brands, each assignment for The Loam and Gravel Society should result in a 12- to 18-minute video. Presidential duties will also include other, shorter video tasks, plus social media and blog posts.

Bikepacking colorado trails
(Photo/Eric Phillips)

Job Term, Riding Requirements, and How to Apply

The president’s term (read: the brand ambassador’s tenure) will run for 16 weeks — the 12-week trip, plus a 2-week buffer on each end. The brands don’t specify a timetable. But if you’re going to pull off the workload as established, you’ll want to get after it before it gets too hot.

In addition to creating content, you’ll pull off multiday bikepacking trips and put in up to 20-mile days on singletrack. The application materials also specify that you’ll visit locations, including breweries.

Go trail riding, make videos, write, and drink beer for three months? For apparently good reason, the society password is “huzzah!”

If you think you or someone you know is Old Man Mountain/Robert Axle Project brand presidential material, fill out the application by Wednesday, March 16 at midnight CST.

Be prepared to show off your social media accounts and wow the application reviewers with your bikepacking experience — and, of course, your captivating creative instincts.

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2 years ago

Intersting that in today’s world they still require the jab and boosters. Didn’t we just end most mask and vax mandates? Isn’t this person traveling alone for the most part except when in businesses that most likely dont have mask or vax mandates?

Michael Wottawa
2 years ago

What’s wrong with erring on the side of caution? Just because mandates have been lifted doesn’t mean COVID is gone. The companies wish to be safe about things.

Michael Wottawa
2 years ago

Still being cautious. Many companies require vaccination. These companies happen to fall in that category. I understand what the vaccine does. I am vaccinated and boosted. Mask mandates have been lifted in most of the U.S. so they do not have to wear one as long as COVID transmission stays low. I am sure if there was a mask mandate the companies supporting this endeavor would require mask wearing.

Michael Wottawa
2 years ago

Also if you look at the requirements of the position at hand you as the ambassador are to interview people in public places such as breweries and food establishments while on your journey, as well as people you see on the trail, and try to recruit more ambassadors. Such close and often contact would would deem the companies to require full vaccination.

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