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FasCat Coaching Optimize Tool Tells You What to Do With All That Training & Recovery Data

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Many athletic people wear a device that tracks HRV, sleep, and recovery metrics. Whether that device is a Whoop, Oura ring, Apple, or Garmin watch, the data collected is valuable to performance as an athlete. However, athletes may need help grasping how to take this data and move it toward actionable change. That is where the FasCat coaching Optimize app comes in. 

Optimize combines sleep and HRV with training and physical stress markers measured by a power meter and heart rate monitor in training. The outcome is more digestible and actionable than the metrics alone and integrates into the FasCat coaching system. 

Fascat training program with power HR & HRV

How does it work?

After Optimize gathers all your HRV, sleep, and training data, it extrapolates a picture of how stressed or rested the user is. The output is similar to the proprietary software that Whoop and the others offer, but Optimize differs by taking the data and running it through the FasCat training algorithm. After the numbers are crunched, Optimize tells the user if they need to train more, rest more, or if they are fully Optimized and training just right. The user data is expressed in a bell curve, explaining where the rider could be with better recovery, where they are currently, and if they are on track to meet their goals. Optimize users receive an Optimize score and visually presents the balance between training stress and your recovery.

FasCat training curve

Frank Overton, FasCat’s founder, coach, and sports scientist explains: “For the past 20 years, we have been using power and heart rate data as objective measurements and relying on an athlete’s self-assessment of their recovery for the other half of the equation. Recently, wearable technology has unlocked new ways to measure recovery, but the software and metrics created were not developed for endurance athletes. With Optimize, we can now integrate both halves of the physiological equation with real-time data so athletes can better manage their training and recovery to achieve greatly improved athletic performance.”

What does FasCat Optimize cost? 

A subscription to Optimize will cost you $34.99 per month ($299.99 per year). The price includes unlimited access to all of FasCat’s training plans, workouts, meal plans, recipes, and access to expert FasCat coaches who can answer endurance athletes’ training questions.

For more information on Optimize and FasCat, please visit fascatcoaching.com

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George Orwell
George Orwell
1 year ago

Big brother is watching, but he doesn’t need to. Now, we’ll willingly give him our data–where we go, how fast we get there, how much our heart beats when we depart…

1 year ago
Reply to  George Orwell

And we’ll pay for this surveillance

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