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Giro Takes on the Clock with New Race Inspired Chrono Clothing Collection

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Now that Giro has perfected their style when it comes to the world of New Road apparel, the company is eyeing something a little faster. While New Road was meant to specifically not be your common road kit, Giro’s new Chrono collection is just that – with a hefty dose of Giro style.

Not necessarily designed for racing, Chrono is meant to be a high performance line of clothing for men and women that blends Giro design with Italian craftsmanship for a number of interesting looks…


Giro_A_M_ChronoProJersey_LogoTitanium_angle Giro_A_M_ChronoProBib_Black_angle

Divided into three tiers, at the top you’ll find the Chrono Pro. The result of more than two years of development, Pro includes high end features and fit worthy of the name. Designed for all day comfort, the Chrono Pro bib short includes a custom Chrono Pro chamois, bib straps, and a lumbar support panel and is meant to pair perfectly with the Chrono Pro Jersey which uses a tapered collar and offers traditional rear pockets as well as a zippered valuable pocket with a moisture barrier to keep the contents dry.


Giro_A_W_ChronoProJersey_Galaxy_angle Giro_A_W_ChronoProJersey_FadeWhite_angle

Chrono Pro will also be available in women’s models, though the shorts will not be sold as bibs. Each will be offered in multiple colors, and will use many of the same features and pricing as the men’s.

  • Chrono Pro Jersey/ Chrono Pro Women’s Jersey: $180 (USD) / £139/ €179
  • Chrono Pro Bib: $250 (USD) / £189 / €249
  • Chrono Pro Women’s Short: $150 (USD) / €149 / £119

Giro_A_M_ChronoExpertJersey_ShredBlueJewel_angle Giro_A_M_ChronoExpertBib_Black_rear

Stepping down to the Chrono Expert, this mid-level group looks to offer a lot of the performance of the Pro line without the price tag. Again including a jersey and a bib short which uses a chamois codeveloped with Cytech, the Expert line is still a race fit and uses fabrics that are comfortable and breathe well.


Giro_A_W_ChronoExpertHalterBib_Black_angle Giro_A_W_ChronoExpertHalterBib_Black_detail1

The highlight of the Expert level might be the women’s halter top bib which uses a highly breathable mesh upper that can easily be pulled over the head when nature calls.

  • Chrono Expert Jersey/ Chrono Expert Women’s Jersey: $100 (USD) / £74 / €99
  • Chrono Expert Bib/ Chrono Expert Women’s Halter Bib: $150 (USD) / £119 / €14
  • Chrono Expert Short $120 (USD)/ £89 / €119

Giro_A_M_ChronoSportJersey_RaceRed_angle Giro_A_W_ChronoSportJersey_Black_angle

There is also the Chrono Sport which still includes a number of high-end features but at a price that is more within reach. Cut with a performance fit rather than race fit, Sport will include both men’s and women’s shorts and jerseys plus a pair of men’s bibs.

  • Chrono Sport Jersey/ Chrono Sport Women’s Jersey: $80 (USD) / £50 / €79
  • Chrono Sport Bib: $120 (USD)/ £89/ €119
  • Chrono Short Short/ Chrono Sport Women’s Short: $80 (USD) / £59 / €79

Giro_A_M_ChronoWindJacket_FlameOrange_detail2 Giro_A_W_ChronoBase_Griffin_angle

Giro_A_M_ChronoBase_Charcoal_angle Giro_A_W_ChronoWindVest_Charcoal_angle

Chrono also includes a few accessories including men’s and women’s base layers, wind vests and jackets, and arm and leg warmers made from the same Wikpro fabric found in their base layers.

  • Base Layers $60 (USD) / £49 / €59
  • Jacket $120 (USD) / £99 / €119 & Vest $100 (USD) / £79 / €99
  • Arm and leg warmers $35 (USD) / £24 / €34

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8 years ago

“though the shorts will not be sold as bibs”

well right, because shorts aren’t bibs, so what you’re trying to say is they won’t be sold as bibs.

But anyways, I think it’s odd that the Pro level doesn’t offer women’s bibs, when most women who use “Pro” level clothing want a bib option. Less so at the sport/expert level.

8 years ago

For a company with the marketing budget Giro has I would have expected a lot more from a promo video.

8 years ago

Another response to the Rapha phenomenon. Makes sense. I ‘mentally” sold out of Rapha and into Castelli for our Australian winter on the basis of the superiority of the Gabba. For summer in our hemisphere I haven’t decided on new purchases, but I expect to see more action in the “fashion racing” space during the big bike shows. The more options the better.

8 years ago

If you see how much these jerseys are flapping in the wind, I would never associate them with the name ‘Chrono’

8 years ago

That video makes me want to go ride Alpine and Stage road, not really worried about the clothing they’re marketing.

8 years ago

Guess they realized that $150 riding polo-shirts weren’t selling as well as they thought they would so they went back to standard lycra riding gear!

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