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GoPro Introduces new Housings for Hero 3+, 3D Dual Hero System coming Soon

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New Gopro blackout dive 3d housing gooseneck mount (5)

When GoPro introduced the new Hero 3 and then 3+, GoPro users gained a ton of functionality and improved video and photo quality. But with the old body style, they lost the capability to shoot in 3D. Honestly, probably a bit before its time, GoPro is bringing 3D capability back with the new GoPro Dual HERO system. While the Dual system won’t be available for a while, GoPro also introduced two new housings plus a flexible mount that should appeal to a number of users, especially divers…

New Gopro blackout dive 3d housing gooseneck mount (1)

Not only will the Dual Hero system capture synchronized footage that can be converted to 3D, the set up will also allow you to capture simultaneous photo and video footage. You can already do that to a point with a standard camera, but the Dual system allows for full quality photo and video to be taken at once. Compatible with two HERO3+ cameras (sold separately) the system will retail for $199.

  • Tandem housing holds two HERO3+ Black Edition cameras (sold separately)
  • Capture full-resolution videos and photos simultaneously with uncompromised image quality
  • Record synchronized 2D videos or photos to convert to 3D using free GoPro Studio editing software
  • Single interface control enables one camera to control the other’s modes and settings
  • Waterproof to 197’/60m
  • Integrated Mini USB port enables data offload, battery charging and live-feed video when used with the included Skeleton Backdoor
  • Includes two sets of Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts for mounting to your gear
  • Includes two pairs of 3D anaglyph glasses for viewing your 3D content
  • Compatible with most GoPro mounts
  • Compatible with the GoPro App and Wi-Fi Remote (sold separately)

New Gopro blackout dive 3d housing gooseneck mount (4)

Fans of the educational program Top Gear (British, of course), may have noticed some strange looking GoPros during their Cycling special. It turns out, the cast was using the new Blackout housing which offers a matte black finish to keep things stealth. Black out your GoPro for $49.99.

  • Non-reflective, matte black finish ensures low visibility
  • Perfect for special ops filming or capturing footage without drawing attention to the camera
  • Includes LCD concealment stickers to eliminate light reflection from the LCD window
  • Waterproof to 131’/40m

New Gopro blackout dive 3d housing gooseneck mount (3)

With the new 3+, one small change went unnoticed by most – unless you were a scuba diver, and an advanced one at that. The new housing (like the blackout above) is only waterproof to 131′. Having only been down to 120′ personally (which was plenty deep), I can’t say the change would ever bother me, but there are plenty of divers that go well past 131′. The new Dive housing addresses that need with it rated to 197′ or 60m. Filming your underwater adventures of the deep will set you back an additional $59.99.

  • Ultra-durable construction for deep sea diving and extreme activities
  • Waterproof to 197’/60m
  • Flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water
  • Includes Standard, Skeleton and BacPac™ Backdoors

New Gopro blackout dive 3d housing gooseneck mount (2)

Finally, GoPro is decoupling the Gooseneck from the Jaws clamp for additional mounting options. The Gooseneck uses a flexible but rigid column that allows you to position your GoPro at just about any angle for $19.99.

  • Delivers versatile camera-angle adjustability to capture a wide range of perspectives
  • Can be attached to any GoPro mount that features a quick release base
  • Doubles as an adjustable handheld camera grip
  • Makes it possible to elevate the camera above the mounting surface to achieve a higher perspective
  • Ideal for capturing hard-to-reach shots around corners or over obstacles
  • Multiple Goosenecks can be joined together for longer reach and greater flexibility
  • Measures 8” (20.3cm)

GoPro is also offering their own Energy Drink called Stoked which was released on April, 1st.

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10 years ago

The energy drink thing is a joke. Wasn’t it? WTF? Really? …really?

10 years ago

Why are we running April Fools jokes on April 7th?

10 years ago

The drink doubles as a auxiliary battery pack.

10 years ago

Was “Perfect for special ops filming” in the section about the black housing editorializing or from the GoPro Press Release?

9 years ago

Does anybody knows if this 3D housing is compatible with Hero3?
Or do I have to get 2 Hero3+?

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