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GoPro doubles your fun by streaming its angle through Periscope’s real-time video app

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gopro action cam now livestreams through Periscope app

If you think the global Interwebs absolutely needs to see your goings on in real time, now you can at least be a peach and let them see the action rather than just your mug talking into the camera.

GoPro and Twitter have joined forces so you can step it up a notch by letting you add your GoPro camera’s angle to your smartphone’s live Periscope feed. And you can switch between the two cameras with a simple push of a button. Pop on in and up your broadcasting game…


If you’re out doing something awesome, what if you could rub it in someone’s face show your friends as it’s happening? Well that is just what Twitter’s Periscope app does. Through the app on your phone, you can live stream what ever you are doing at that very moment for all your followers to see. To make things even more interesting, they have now taken it to the next level by letting any of their 10 million+ users (who also happen to have a GoPro HERO4 Black or Silver camera) seamlessly switch from your phone’s camera to your GoPro at the tap of a button.

Having two camera angles where one might be in a fixed location facing the action while the other IS the action could give your entourage something a little more interesting to watch. Regardless of whether you’re streaming live to the world or not, your GoPro Hero is still recording everything onto it’s SD card so if something rad does happen, you still got it.

Photo: GoPro

Broadcast-ing functionality is currently only available on iOS, but users will be able to view GoPro/Periscope broadcasts from any platform. Periscope is compatible with iPhone 5s, 6 and 6+ running iOS 8.2 or later. You’ll also be able to post the broadcasts directly to your own Twitter stream, too.

To make it work, you’ll need to update your Periscope app, then connect your GoPro to your phone via Wifi. Set the camera to 720p/30fps and start recording. Then, start your Periscope broadcast and simply double tap to switch from the phone’s camera to the GoPro. There’s also a button to lock your screen so you can put the phone in your pocket without interrupting your breaking news.

Checkout these demos from the Winter X-Games to see it in action (follow @gopro and #Xgames to see the posts):

  • Wednesday, January 27
    • 12pm MST: Kicking it off with a live course preview with the golden girl herself, Jamie Anderson, on Wednesday at 12pm MST
    • 1230pm MST: Shortly after we shred with Jamie, GoPro Brand Manager, Chris Farro, will teach you how to Periscope straight from your HERO4 Black and/or Silver (hint, it’s a breeze)
    • 5pm MST: Wednesday evening we’ll give you a first look at the GoPro photo exhibit at Baldwin Gallery. Check out our top snow images from the year that made the cut and why
    • 7pm MST: Immediately following the gallery first look we’re going live from an intimate athlete talk all about GoPro photography
  • Thursday, January 28
    • 1130am MST: Chat live with Colten Moore as he gears up for a huge year at X. We’ll get his thoughts on using HEROCast in competition
  • Friday, January 29
    • Morning: We go behind the scenes at some of the most iconic spots in Aspen
    • Afternoon: Your favorite Wolfdog, @Loki_the_Wolfdog, will be streaming live from the mountain as well! Join us in the afternoon for a snow session with, Loki
  • Saturday, January 30
    • Evening: Join Tom Wallisch as he previews the BigAir Ski course right before finals jump off that evening


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