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H2PRO is the new waterproof & durable range of Giant Bikepacking Bags, covering all bases

giant h2pro bikepacking bags h2tex waterproof material durable
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Said to be durable, waterproof and lightweight, Giant reckon the new H2PRO Series of Bikepacking Bags is ideal for long distance rides and biking expeditions. They’ve covered all bases with bags for the stem, handlebar, top tube, front triangle, saddle and seat post – if you can’t get everything you “need” for your trip into this gear, then you probably need to revise your definition of need. Here’s a quick intro to the new Giant H2PRO Bikepacking Bags.

Giant Bikepacking Bags

giant h2pro bikepacking bags h2tex waterproof material durable

The all-new H2PRO Series is constructed from Giant’s exclusive three-layer H2Tex laminate material, featuring a waterproof PU coating, proprietary nylon fabric and a thin TPU film. They are said to be long-wearing and highly resistant to abrasion – exactly the qualities you’ll need for a long-distance bikepacking trip. 

The Giant H2PRO Series comprises no fewer than 11 bags, designed specifically for storing water, food and overnight kit safely and securely to the bike, without impinging too much on the bike’s handling. 

H2PRO Handlebar Bag

giant h2pro handlebar dry bag features air bleed valve full compression attaches three locations secure carry

This handlebar bag features the H2Tex laminate material for a covering, wrapped around a 210D Nylon fabric with a PU film comprising the dry bag portion. It attaches to the handlebar at three points via a series of buckles and straps, not requiring the use of tools. 

It is available in two sizes; 9L and 12.5L. We like the addition of an air bleed valve that can be used to compress the pack down as small as possible. It also features a light attachment mount and has a small reflective portion on the front for added visibility.

waterproof bikepacking bags

Giant offer a secondary bag for the handlebar that clips directly onto the H2PRO Handlebar bag. This accessory pack offers extended storage space for frequently accessed items such as food, a rain shell or a cell phone.

It has a 4.8L capacity, compartmentalized, with the dimensions 17cm x 22cm x 13cm. 

H2PRO Top Tube Pack

The Giant Top Tube Bag gives the rider easy one-handed access to… the stuff they want one-handed access to. A simple zipper offers ease of entry and closure to this 0.8L pack. It attaches to the top tube via soft velcro straps so as to avoid damage to frame paint. 

H2PRO Frame Bag

giant h2pro series bikepacking bags included 2 sizes of frame bag top tube pack

This one is for general storage – probably of kit that you’ll only want to access when off the bike. I’m thinking bivvy bag, cooking equipment, etc. It has six attachment points in the form of soft velcro straps – three that wrap around the top tube, one at the head tube, one at the downtube and one at the seat tube. 

A concealed port at the front allows you to route charging cables to your phone or cycle computer mounted on the bar. The pack is compartmentalized internally for keeping the contents organised. A waterproof and dust-proof zipper helps keep your stuff dry and clean.

The Giant H2PRO Frame Bags are available in 3L, 4L and 4.5L iterations.

H2PRO Saddle Bag

No rear rack? Worry not. The Giant H2PRO Saddle Bag has you covered with 10.5L and 17.5L options. Attaching to the seat post and saddle rails at three points with a series of velcro straps and buckles, the Giant Saddle Bag is designed specifically for stable storage. 

giant h2pro seat bag available in 10.5l 17.5l optionsIt is composed of a Light 210D Nylon with PTU coating, comprising an outer cover and a removable dry bag portion. Said dry bag features an air bleed valve. As we saw on the H2PRO Handlebar Bag, this should allow the rider to squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag, keeping its volume to a minimum. A roll-closure also helps with this flexibility.

The Giant H2PRO Saddle Bag has two light attachments with a small reflective patch on the outer for added visibility. An included bungee cord means you can carry additional stuff on the outside of the bag too.

H2PRO Seat Bag

everything you need for bikepacking waterproof bags

This one is more aimed at shorter rides, or the daily commute. The H2PRO Seat Bag features the same waterproof and durable material as the rest of the H2PRO series. Its 0.5L capacity has a non-compartmentalized design. It could be a good option for carrying tools and spares. Again, it features a light attachment point.

H2PRO Stem Bag

The Giant Stem Bag is designed principally for the carrying of an easy-to-reach water bottle and snacks. Ideal if your mission is a long day in the saddle and any time spent off the bike is wasted. 

giant h2pro stem bag carries 1.3l water easy to reach

The Cyberian cord lock keeps the bottle secure and is easily opened using one hand. A drainage hole at the base keeps contents dry. It has a 1.3L capacity and 10cm x 7cm x 19cm dimensions.

Giant Bikepacking Bags Weights & Pricing

example bikepacking gear fits inside giant h2pro series bikepacking bags

Giant H2PRO Series Bikepacking Bag Weight (g)  Price $USD
Handlebar (9L) 525 95
Handlebar (12.5L) 545 105
Accessory 242 85
Stem 75 42.5
Frame (3L) 159 85
Frame (4L) 192 85
Frame (4.5L) 230 105
Saddle (10.5L) 420 115.5
Saddle (17.5L) 440 125
Seat 65 Unknown
Top Tube 60 Unknown



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3 years ago

too bad it has the word giant all over it. this should have come out under the cadex brand or something else so people with non-Giant bikes would be more inclined to buy it. I like my stuff to match or be a set and since I don’t ride a Giant bike, these are immediately off the table. I know I am weird but if a brand also makes bikes, I won’t run their accessories.

3 years ago

Yes you’re a bit weird or at least too brand conscious. Among a minority of customers. I ride Specialized tyres on another brand’s bike and I don’t see this as any different. If it bothers you just Sharpie over the logos.

And as for touring gear being a set, why? Buy the items that work best in each area for what you need and prefer. These are black so you can colour-match easily.

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