IB13: VP Components Introduces Pedals For Every Occasion

VP-VX Trail Race Clipless PedalA few years ago VP Components broke onto the scene with their range of lightweight colorful pedals. As the company has expanded, so has their product line, and at Interbike they where proudly showcasing a full line of clipless pedals that is both price and weight competitive with the best offerings currently available.

The big draw is the new VX line which features 8 different pedals and has everything from your entry level $50 loose ball bearing SPD  to your pro level $140 race models which spin on  LSL (Lightweight Self Lubing) bearings.VP Components VX PedalsThe new line offers traditional SPD style pedals as well as a few different hybrid options, called the “Adventure” models,  that offer a platform. Expect these to land in stores early next year.

VP Harrier Pedal Size Comparison

VP Harrier Pedal Side View

If you’re prefer flats to dancing shoes, then you might be very interested in VP Components new flagship pedal – the Harrier. Available next January this pedal should tip scales at a svelte ~362 grams. The platform is a giant 100x120mm of sleek cold forged aluminum and spins on a CNC machined, forged Cro-Mo axle which rotates on two igus bushings. By using bushings rather than bearings, the company was able to make a 12 mm thick pedal without any of the awkward bulges that plague some designs.

VP Components Truth, Pilot, and Recon headsetsNot satisfied to rest on their laurels, the company also has a complete range of headsets with three different price points to satisfy most consumers need. Oh yeah, and they available in VPs trademark rainbow of anodized colors. You can pick one up at your local LBS in either black, silver, gold, red, green, blue, purple, or turquoise.

VP Componentes Headset DetailsOne of the things we appreciated at the show was the little things VP built into their headset range. For example, each headset comes with a little rubber grommet which gives the assembled headset a clean look and keeps gunk out of the hex head. Another important detail is the meaty double lip on the bottom of the headset cup.

Interested in one for your next build? You can use their handy online guide to determine exactly what you need. Find it here.

Vp Components Headsets and BBIn addition to headsets, VP also makes a wide range of bottom brackets. Everything from press fit ceramic affairs to your affordable threaded BB – and as always, they’re available in lots of pretty colors.

For more, visit VP-USA

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Charlie Best
Charlie Best
9 years ago

“A few years ago”. Really? I had Victor Pedal Shimano DX knock-offs on my bike in 1982, even allowing for all my helmetless head injuries I figure that’s close to three decades.

9 years ago

Meaty double lips on the bottom you say?

9 years ago

DerHoggz, that’s filthy.