With names like Brian Lopes and Tracy Moseley on the roster, you can expect G-Form’s padding to up its game. That’s exactly what the new Elite Elbow and knee pads bring to the table. Based on feedback from their pro riders, G-Form has introduced a new version of two of their most popular products. The result is protection that offers an improved fit and improved comfort, so you’ll actually want to wear it…



G-Form’s pads have always been nice and slim thanks to the RPT rate dependent foam. The only downside seemed to be that the interconnected foam blocks didn’t always conform that well to the complex curves of your knee or elbows. To improve on the original design, the new Elite pads have more zones of padding, which allow the pad to flex and fit the body better. There is also a new cutout on the back for improved ventilation and fit and less bunching. The Elites will sell for $99 for the knee pads and $89 for the elbows. The Elite elbow pad also adds rubber grippers to the lower cuff, and the sleeves are longer overal. Those features help them stay in place if you’re taking a superman dive.

To improve on the actual protection, both the elbow and knee pads get CE certification for motorcycles that approves them for up to a 60mph impact and absorb 93% of those forces.


Depending on your sport, one other small issue for G-Form has been the padding ‘sticking’ to surfaces like skate parks or wooden ramps. The answer? A Kevlar outer layer that acts as a slideable surface. The new Pro Slide pads are available in elbow and knee options and will run $79.99.


Not necessary a new product, but the knee/shin combos will now be available in a junior size as well to keep your little one safe at $99.99.



The mannequin is wearing the Elite Elbow, along with almost everything else G-Form makes. That includes the new bib which we highlighted earlier this year, and will be available in January for $149.



  1. Liam on

    I wish g-form would pull their customer service together and/or their distribution network. It’s gotten ridiculous to ask them questions and you feel like you are begging if you need to order a different size through your LBS.


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