Wish your bike would just shift for you? With the new ProShift control unit, that possibility may not be far off. The idea is pretty simple – plug in or connect your electronic drivetrain to the head unit wirelessly, and allow the computer to figure out the optimal shifting. Putting that into practice is certainly more complicated, but Baron Controls, the creator of the ProShift seems to have the answer. Available for Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap, and Campagnolo EPS, ProShift is ready to keep you in the optimum gear on your next ride…


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Each ProShift system includes a head unit that is either wireless or wired depending on the application. The Shimano system is plug and play with an e-tube compatible system, while the Campagnolo box included wires and a new junction box that is ProShift compatible. SRAM systems will be offered with wireless or wired for TT applications with the bar end shifters included.

In order to make the whole system work, the rechargeable head unit receives data from your bike’s sensors including cadence, speed, watts, or heart rate to determine the optimum cadence for any given situations. Based on those parameters, the ProShift brain will shift the derailleurs for you in order to keep your output in the sweet spot of the power band. There is also a manual override mode that allows you to shift on your own at any given point using the shifters normally. This causes the ProShift to stop functioning for 20 seconds but without any additional manual shifts it will switch back to auto mode. Additional gear mapping is included to avoid cross chaining when in auto mode, though the whole system is able to be personalized with different user profiles.

proshift-auto-shift-system-di2-etap-campyinterbike-2016-57 proshift-auto-shift-system-di2-etap-campyinterbike-2016-54

Available for multiple bike set ups, the concept could be especially useful on adaptive bikes where using traditional shifters may not be an option. The information from the head unit can also be projected to smart glasses so you can see the training metrics that would otherwise be on the screen. Pricing starts at $799 for the base model and they are taking orders now.



    • Dinger on

      The highest performance exotic sports cars mostly have automatic transmissions (no Ferrari comes in manual anymore) because they’re better than drivers can be.

  1. Robo on

    Ever since Di2 was announced, I’ve seen this as the inevitable evolution of the electronic drive train. Not saying this is IT but with cheaper and cheaper power meters available and everyone already having cadence sensors, someone was bound to develop a system where you hop on the bike, plug in your desired cadence and power output, and just go for a ride without ever touching a shifter.

    I enjoy seeing these technologies evolve.

  2. Baron Controls LLC on

    The additional benefit realized by ProShift automatic shifting is that for long TRI/TT and Century races, being able to maintain a constant power load while at the cyclist’s optimum cadence will provide the best endurance – a task that gets increasingly difficult todo as the cyclist get tired.

    Also as you get tired, hydration, nutrition and maintaining the shortest line of travel become more difficult. By knowing that you are “always in the right gear” takes some of the stress and burden away and you will be able to do better with the other tasks.

    Every cyclist who competes in longer races has reinforced these benefits and resulted in better race times.


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