If you’ve been riding long enough, you probably at least know someone who had a Voodoo. Chances are also pretty good that same Voodoo may be still hanging in their garage or passed along to another family member. Somewhere along the way though, after an ownership shake up Voodoo bikes vanished from the U.S. marketplace only to become essentially a house brand for Halfords in the UK.

That part of Voodoo’s business probably won’t change, but the U.S. is about to see a whole new line of Voodoo Cycles that look to bring back the brand’s quality heritage after a five year absence. In the works for a while now, the project is back under the design lead of industry legend Joe Murray with help from Daryl Roberts who brings quite a bit of experience in titanium from Form Cycles and Roca Roja.

The line was shown for the first time at Interbike and is slowly making its way into production…

voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-194 voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-198

voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-214 voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-195

voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-196 voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-197

Voodoo Cycles and high quality hardtails go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise to see a full line of them in both steel and titanium. Following industry trends, the new Zocalo is a titanium 29/27+ bike built around clearance for 27.5 x 2.8″ tires. Along with a sliding thru axle dropout that will allow single speed use or adjustment for different tire sizes, the frame includes a threaded bottom bracket, stealth dropper routing, and rear rack mounts.

Voodoo’s titanium frames will stand out from the crowd with a special black finish that Daryl says is similar to what they use on black chrome wheels.


Their two ti bikes will also be available in the same frame but in Reynolds 853 steel like the Dambala above. All of the dimensions and specs are the same, just in a different material.


voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-207 voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-204

Their other titanium bike is the D-Jab which is a 27.5″ specific frame with a 140mm travel fork. While not all of the specs are finalized, Daryl did mention that their titanium frames use a mix of 3/2.5 and 6/4 titanium depending on the tube. The steel counterpart for the D-Jab is called the Bizango.


voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-211 voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-210

Voodoo Cycles will also have a full suspension bike with 27.5″ wheels and a short dual link suspension system with 150/140mm of travel. The aluminum Mambo will use Boost spacing and is 1x/2x compatible.


voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-202 voodoo-cycles-back-in-us-road-plus-full-suspension-titanium-steel-mtbinterbike-2016-201

Voodoo is also bringing back two road frames with the beautifully lugged Avalou complete with a 1″ threaded steerer and 853 steel frame…


And the much more modern Bondye carbon road bike which will fit up to 30mm tires with disc brakes.

We’ll have more details on the bikes when they start rolling out of the factory which is expected to be January for the first production runs with a February delivery. The new bikes are not on the website yet, but expect a new site to launch sometime in November.




  1. dkeezy on

    Kind of been hankering for a steel SS 29er that’s nicer than a Surly but less spendy than custom – I’ll definitely keep my eye out for the Dambala.

    • Chris on

      Gunnar Ruffian. Made by Waterford in Wisconsin who have more experience in steel than anyone in the US (Waterford is run by Richard Schwinn – yes, that Schwinn – and is basically the old Schwinn Paramount shop) Very reasonable prices – $1100 for a frame last time I checked. Way cheaper than full custom. They’ll do full custom start around $1500 if memory serves. Bargain price for an American made frame built by people who have decades of experience (as opposed to someone who goes to UBI and thinks that makes them the next Richard Sachs!)

      • DKeezy on

        I’m familiar with them, their bikes are gorgeous and a great value. I worry whether they lag behind a bit on geo – I’m definitely interested in short stays and stem and long top tube and long top tube and front center. Plus, I’ve loved the ride of every Kona I’ve been on, so Joe Murray’s involvement piques my interest.
        Should I give Gunnar more credit on keeping up to speed with trends?

      • Craig b on

        The way I read this, it sounds like you’re throwing shade on Joe Murray, and have really no idea who he is besides being a hall of fame mtb’er, racing that started in the sports infancy, he also designed and built one of the greatest hardtails of all time. The voodoo bizango. Which I have a ’98, first built in 97 I believe by voodoo with Joe Murray in the drivers seat, handmade, built in the USA, using tange prestige steel, before switching to Reynolds 853. If the entire line of voodoo’s is not good enough for you. How about being the designer for some of the most awesome bikes while at Kona, Merlin, Marin and i think even gary fisher bicycles. I think actually he also had his own line at a time of custom, during his Voodoo stint. The dude just didn’t take a weekend course and knows nothing about bicycles. He is the real deal, especially when it comes to steel. Whether it’s his racing past or bike building experience. ..leave the path of VooDoo business side out of it.

        Oh and he also built the first titanium bike fyi
        Has won awards for bikes he has designed
        And.even has designed bike tires

        So with all respect to schwinn, Sachs, ubi graduates and experience. I think a steel rig with Joe Murray’s name attached will suit most people just fine

        And btw… I’m sure David Bohm( who builds awesome steel rigs for many years) wouldn’t approve of throwing shade at ubi..

    • Daryl W. Roberts on

      The Bizango is the only frame model that has 2 different versions. 1 high end steel frame that is a new model and the Halford’s version from the U.K.
      We assure you it will become less confusing with time.


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