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Interbike 2009 – Oakley Men’s Sunglasses, Including the $4500 C SIX

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2010 Oakley Sunglasses Carbon fiber C SIX Interbike 2009 Lance Armstong Livestrong

INTERBIKE 2009 Oakley unveiled the highly anticipated C SIX. Pictured here under lock and key are a pair actually worn by Lance Armstrong himself. His sweat is still on the right lens.

The challenge in creating the C SIX was the use of ultra lightweight carbon fiber. Specialists in building F1 racecars, the experts at Crosby Composites of London have been producing C SIX frames with meticulous craftsmanship. To make just one, five-axis Computer Numeric Controlled machines spin diamond-tipped milling heads at 10,000 rpm, shaping a 40-layer billet of carbon fiber composite for more than 24 hours.

More information on the C SIX (Pics, weight, MSRP, etc.) and other new glasses like the JawBone, Radar XL, Fuel Cell, and Dispatch below…

2010 Oakley Sunglasses Carbon fiber C SIX Interbike 2009 Lance Armstong Livestrong

To deal with the rigid nature of finished components, Oakley engineered spinal structures of Beta Titanium memory metal to achieve precise zones of tuned flexibility and Radial cams to augment the stem mechanics. Oakley will only make 5 pairs of the LiveStrong edition to be auctioned off for charity. There will be 50 of the carbon C SIX’s made and will sell for MSRP: $4,500! The reported weight for the carbon C SIX is around 52-53 g. Another 500 aluminum C SIX’s will be available for MSRP: $1500.

2010 Oakley Sunglasses JawBone Custom Interbike 2009


The JawBone was released back in May of 2009, and was just recently added to Oakley’s line of customizable glasses. You can choose from a large array of colors for the frame, lower jawbone, thru bolt, primary and alternate lenses, icon, ear socks, and even the etching. Pictured above is the custom Bikerumor edition of the Jawbone complete with Bikerumor etching on the lens. How sweet is that!?

2010 Oakley Sunglasses JawBone switchlock Interbike 2009

With Oakley’s new SWITCHLOCK™ Technology, the lower part of the JawBone frame opens to allow easy access for lens changing. The revolutionary design holds the lenses with a suspension system so stresses on the frame won’t affect the optics. With ordinary frames, flexing can change the surface contours of the lenses, causing optical distortion.

Pivot the nose piece to unlock the lower jaw and open it for lens changing. There’s minimal handling involved, so dirty fingers don’t get all over the lens. The quick-release system closes with a cam that locks each lens securely in place. The pivoting system has a release mechanism that lets you remove and replace the nose piece with a different size to customize the fit.



The frames are made with the lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® material and feature Oakley’s Three-Point Fit. There are metal band and icon accents, with the icons being interchangeable.  An additional pair of interchangeable icons are included and other pairs are available separately.

oakley-dispatch-rootbeer 2010 Oakley Sunglasses Dispatch Interbike 20092010-oakley-dispatch-clementine 2010 Oakley Sunglasses Dispatch Interbike 2009


Matte Black – Grey – $120.00
Black/Dark Grey History Text - Black Iridium Polarized – $170.00 (above)
Matte White – Grey – $120.00
Matte Rootbeer – Bronze Polarized – $160.00 (above)
Polished Clear – Chrome Iridium – $140.00
Clementine – Grey – $120.00 (above)



The Fuel Cell is also made with the lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® material and feature Oakley’s Three-Point Fit. The metal icon accents however are not interchangeable.

oakley-fuelcell-tortoise Fuel Celloakley-fuelcell-white Fuel Cell


Polished Black - Warm Grey - $100.00
Polished Brown Smoke - Dark Bronze - $100.00
Polished White - Black Iridium - $110.00 (above)
Polished Clear - Violet Iridium - $110.00
Matte Black - Grey Polarized - $140.00
Brown Tortoise - Bronze Polarized - $140.00 (above)
Black/Dark Grey History Text - Black Iridium Polarized - $150.00  (above)



RADAR XL is a specially designed edition of their coveted RADAR eyewear. With an extra 7mm between the nose bridge and the top of the frame, this XL version extends your range of view. It’s a performance advantage for everything from MTB to baseball.

The frame comes with their BLADES lens shape, an angular look that salutes one of their very first single-lens sport shields. Oakley thinks of it as nostalgia with attitude, a slice of history shaped for improved side protection against sun, wind, UV and impact. An array of optional lenses are sold separately for this interchangeable lens design. There will also be another XL frame edition: RADAR XL STRAIGHT BLADES.

oakley-radarxl_antifreezeoakley-radarxl 2010 Radar XL


Retina Burn – Fire Iridium – $185.00
Polished Black – Light Positive Red Iridium – $175.00
Matte White – Blue Iridium – $175.00
Polished Black – G26 Iridium – $175.00
Antifreeze – Jade Iridium – $195.00 (above)

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14 years ago

…Snore…. zzzzzzz

Paul G
Paul G
14 years ago

Oakley use to be so unique. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

14 years ago

Back in the day, Oakley fell under the general label of *ahem* “A-hole Glasses” (along with Gargoyles). Usually, you’d find them only an empty skull away from a mullet on some dude wearing a wifebeater and riding a jet ski. Remember seeing the ubiquitous logo at the top of some Chevy IROC’s windshield? I do.

They’ve actually come up in the world somewhat from poseur accessories, but $1500 for Thermo-kook-lear protection? Barnum was right.

14 years ago

Oakley are still poseur glasses.With this new carbon fiber pair, they’re just more expensive and less unique poseur sunglasses.

I agree with Paul G though.Despite their red neck status, they were actually unique back in the day.Hell, back in 10 years ago they were still unique.Where did it all go wrong?

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