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Interbike 2010: PG Bikes’ $80,000 BlackTrail Electric Bike In Person

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A while back, we covered Jay Leno covering the German bike manufacturer PG-Bikes newest creation: the ultra exclusive $80K BlackTrail electric bike. The BlackTrail is no ordinary e-bike though, as it is almost completely made of carbon fiber, weighs about 40 pounds (most electric bikes are extremely heavy), and is capable of speeds up to 62 MPH!

The BlackTrail is simply an exercise in what is possible, and clearly isn’t going to be seen zipping around many streets near you. Heck, at that price, I’d be surprised to see many of them actually ridden, but I’m sure a few of the 667 made will see some use.

More details after the break, plus get a glimpse of Jay Leno’s new bike after the break!

Tucked in the back left corner of Interbike, in a row of new exhibitors, PG-Bikes quietly sat unnoticed by many show goers. Having read up on them previously, I instantly knew what they were and stopped by to check them out. Interestingly, the BlackTrail houses the electric drive in the crankcase, not in the wheel like many e-bikes. This will obviously cut down on rotational weight of the wheel, but I wonder what effect it will have on drive train longevity?

This show model was numbered 000, so that means there are really 668 bikes that will be made? The custom engraving on the down tube sets the vibe for rest of the extravagance you would expect for $80,000!

Carbon, carbon, carbon. The wheels are really cool, with massive carbon spokes although truthfully the wheels look more like moped wheels than a bicycle wheel. Although, I guess they have to stand up to 60 + MPH, so it makes sense.

The BlackTrail features completely integrated electronics, with integrated lights (including brake lights), an OLED speedometer and battery charge indicator, on-board charging (no need to remove the battery pack), disc brakes, and keyless ignition and security!

The Battery was not installed on the show model, but it is installed in the frame, with a lockable latch to keep people from stealing your juice!

Apparently, not even Leno’s stardom could justify the BlackTrail, so this less expensive metal version was waiting for him at the show. It’s hard to see from the photograph but that Interbike badge hanging fromt he handlebar is Jay Leno’s. I’m not sure if he actually showed up, but it’s still pretty cool.

PG-bikes also did a custom run of bikes for a certain luxury car manufacturer, can you guess which one?

If you haven’t gotten it by now, it’s obviously Infinity. Interesting use of the logo as part of the  frame, that’s for sure. Check out the full PG-Bikes Catalog for e-bikes, cruisers, fixies, and more.

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