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Interbike 2010: Prototype Pedal from Time, the X Roc

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Time pedal lovers rejoice, there is a new larger platform pedal on the horizon which will be a good bit lighter than the Z Controls! The new X Roc pedals will feature a composite body similar to the Time Atac composites currently on the market and will offer  much wider platform for improved comfort and control for aggressive riding.

The X Rocs will feature the same seamless float that Time has become known for, as well as the option of 13 to 17 degrees of float depending on how you position the cleats on your shoe. This prototype also had spring tension adjust, so I would guess that the final production version will have that as well. Due to the fact that the larger platform might lead to harder landings off bigger jumps, the X Roc also gets an oversized steel axle to keep you from snapping your pedals. The X Roc should come in somewhere around 444 grams, which not far off from the new XTR trail pedal (398 g).

Speaking of oversized axles, check out the new Z Control after the break!

The X Roc has neatly drilled holes in the extrenal body to access the tension adjust screws in the center.

As more and more pro and amateur down hillers alike are switching to clipless, the abuse that a clipless pedal has to endure is also increasing. It’s hard to believe, but apparently the old Z-control pedals weren’t quite strong enough for a few riders out there so the pedal has been revamped and named the Z Strong. While the old pedal had a tapered axle designed for keeping weight down, the new Strong edition gets an oversized straight steel axle to offer the ultimate in stregnth.

The introduction of the X Roc is a great thing as it offers a gnarly pedal for the crowd who still wants it light, and allows Time to fully beef up the Z’s so they can withstand all the punishment in the world.

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