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Interbike 2011: Relaj Water Bottle

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After three years in development- and two years after their first Interbike showing- the family team from Relaj are finally getting ready to bring their thoroughly re-thought water bottle to market.  Though it’s not nearly as revolutionary as it looked at its debut, Relaj’s bottle is designed to enable easy drinking from an aerodynamic position and to reduce the need for a rider to take their eyes off the road while drinking.  Read on for details on what Relaj feels will make for the ultimate water bottle…

Completely disassemble-able and BPA-free, the Relaj Water Bottle has an extra-long nipple that’s designed to keep the bottle away from the face and out of the rider’s line of vision.  The funnel shape is also intended to reduce the need to tip the head back when fluid levels are low- both for safety and for those with a reduced range of motion.  The burp-type valve is removable for cleaning and an optional ice pack threads into the bottom cover.

The two black panels are stiffer than the rest of the bottle, actually making it easier than most to squeeze when held correctly.  After what seems like dozens of iterations, Relaj’s founder Bruce isn’t quite satisfied with a few minor details, however, and expects one or two more iterations before the bottle comes to market in 3-8 weeks’ time.  As he put it, given the bottle’s $25 price tag, “it needs to be perfect.”  We’ve been promised a sample when he’s happy and will be putting it to the test once it arrives…


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12 years ago

The shaping of the bottle does not sit into most bike cages properly…It still need more refinement. Regardless, I’m gonna predict the price will be the deal breaker with this product

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