As much as we like hitch racks (including Kuat’s, which we’re reviewing now) makers of lustworthy carriers Kuat have us thinking about roof racks with their latest offerings.  Shown above is the Vagabond X, an extendable roof basket with an integrated lock and fairing.  Similarly, the company’s thru-axle compatible roof trays are a clean, lockable answer to the question everyone seems to be asking…  More baskets, racks, and locks below- and don’t forget what are probably the least expensive thru-axle racks on the market.

The $490 Vagabond X includes a fairing and integrated cable lock. 21in extensions (van, anyone?) are available for $200.

The $390 Skinny is like the Vagabond X... but skinnier to allow the basket to run alongside bicyle trays or boat mounts.

The $209 Rufee features an integrated cable lock and comes with fittings for 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm forks.

The $50 Link takes Kuat's Bottle Lock and ups security several notches.

The $17 dirtbag, in 9mm, 15mm thru, or 20mm thru fitments, has to be the least expensive thru-axle mount going.


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