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Interbike 2012: Hands on with the Argonaut Cycles Wonderbike

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Argonaut Cycles three quater view

With the initial press photos of the Argonaut Cycles carbon frame being a bit on the dark side, I made a point to see the bike in person while at Interbike.  While not officially on display, I managed to sneak in a visit with Ben Farver of Argonaut to get a little hands on action with the new bike.

Break on through to the other side for the full set of images, and a few more details on this new, bladder molded, custom carbon frame.

Argonaut Cycles Full Bike

Several framesets have been produced now, and frame weights are coming in around 850 to 900 grams.  Two versions are available, depending on the type of drive train you plan on using.  The wiring for electronic drivetrains is run internally through the downtube, but externally on the rear chain stay.  For reliability, Argonaut was very hesitant to drill a 7mm hole into chain stay.  You see, these frames have a true lifetime warrantee.  Mechanical drivetrain cables and housings get full external routing.

Want to know how the bike rides?  Yeah, so do we.  Stay tuned as we have one set to arrive later this year for review.  Plus, we will be visiting the factory where these Argonaut frames are produced very soon, and sharing our experience with all of you wonderful readers.

Argonaut Cycles Seat Mast Junction

Argonaut Cycles Seat Mast Cap

Argonaut makes the seat mast cap from their own mold.  It comes in at around 100g, and uses Enve Composites internals.

Argonaut Cycles Top Tube

Argonaut Cycles Rear Stays

Argonaut Cycles Rear Seat Stays

Argonaut Cycles Downtube and Logo

Argonaut Cycles Chris King PF30BB

What’s that hiding in there?  Why it’s a Chris King Press Fit BB30 prototype that Argonaut is helping to develop and test.

Argonaut Cycles Complete Bike Weight

Fourteen pounds, 11 ounces.  Not to shabby for a parts build that, while is high end, doesn’t result to weight weenie antics to shed grams.  Turn this frameset over to the folks at FairWheel, along with an unlimited budget, and I am sure the resulting weight could get much, much lower.

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11 years ago

Looks like a Chinese carbon fiber bike.

Joe T
Joe T
11 years ago

they will be real sorry they didnt deal with the bond lines and what will eventually be paint cracking. not a structural issue but certainly something the other sub monocoques have learned from their experiences.

very ambitious project at any rate. but probably not worth the cost of tooling for such low production and eventual “dated” look.

The Goats
11 years ago

Very cool to see Argonaut going at it with carbon locally. Construction, looks etc aside (personally I dig them) I am looking forward to what a keen mind and experienced local builder can add to the world of carbon offerings.

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