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If you’re shopping for a bike under a grand, usually you don’t have much choice on the details. There may be a couple of colors to choose from and different models, but the ability to customize your new bike usually isn’t an option at that price.

For Columbus, Ohio based roll: bike shop, that’s about to change. With their new roll: Bicycle Company, riders will have a number of options for their new ride – with the shop’s fit and mechanical experience backing it up. Thanks to increased completion from online sales, more and more shops are turning to private label products as a way to cut out the “middle man” and offer their customers the best bike at the best price. Here, roll: is taking it a step further with 3 simple, clean models each with customizable options, all shipped right to your door with or delivered right on the shop floor…

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The 1:Bike starts with the choice of either Sport, City, or Adventure framesets that vary with geometry and intended accessories. Sizing is based off of their proprietary roll: perfect fit system which will determine your proper frame size, saddle height, and bar position with only three measurements of your body. After selecting a style and size, riders will have a choice of 6 stock colors for the frame and fork as well as a choice of black or silver components. The 6061 aluminum frames are unique to roll: and include 1×10 drivetrains, mechanical disc brakes, and sealed bearings throughout. Finally, the touch points of the bike can be customized with 2 colors and size and gender specific options.

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Launching with a Kickstarter campaign, complete bicycle start out at $549, with prices going up depending on how long you wait. 1:Bikes have an estimated delivery of September/November, though after the Kickstarter, roll: plans to have a 48 hour turn around time from the time that the order is placed to when it’s shipped. New bike owners have the choice of picking it up locally, having roll: deliver it completely assembled locally, or shipping it flat packed anywhere in the U.S. Not in the market for a new bike? roll: seems to know their audience based on the pledge option of a slick custom 64oz insulated growler…

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5 years ago

Finally a bike I want AND can afford-
will be checking into this closely as I am in the market as my current bikes are crap and not worth updating/upgrading.
Seriously, this might be the unicorn/one quiver bike (prob the adventure focused version) I have been looking for

James Fryer
5 years ago

So it’s a slightly over priced hybrid?

5 years ago

Saw these in person today and they are impressive looking and well thought out and well manufactured. Quality bikes. I would totally ride one. Very nice paint/colors. The Orange one in the photos was my favorite. Wish I would have had time to go ride one.