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Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker locates your bike, scooter, car or luggage for just 30g

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker tracks bike location protect against theft
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Have you just spent a large proportion of your dispensable income on the bike of your dreams? If so, you might want to take some steps to ensure it remains in your possession. Beyond a Sold Secure lock from a reputable brand, an insurance policy and a good bit of common sense, what else can you do to keep your bike safe? Well, in the event that it does talk a walk under the volition of a thief, you can now track its exact whereabouts with the new Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker. Here’s more.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker tracks bike location protect against theft

On average, 2 million bicycles go missing in North America every single year. That’s one every 30 seconds. The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is priced at $129, so while the value of your runaround “pub bike” may not warrant the expense, your brand new $10,000 eMTB probably does.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker protects against theft helps recover stolen vehicles bikes

This GPS Tracker wasn’t developed specifically for bicycles; it was originally marketed at owners of motorized vehicles and people who have an unfortunate habit of misplacing valuable luggage whilst on their travels. Now, Invoxia have teamed up with Wicked Thumb to target owners of high-value bicycles.

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker has been on the market for over a year, but only now is it available to US customers. It operates on the 4G LTE-M network, said to work anywhere in the USA. It allows riders to monitor their bike in real-time, through an accompanying app, and even be notified if suspicious activity occurs or if it is moved outside of a designated location.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Bike Tracker app tracks location real time anti bike theft

The Tracker works both inside and outdoors. Invoxia claims the rechargeable 250mAh battery lasts between 15 days and 7 weeks, depending on the tracking intensity and travel time. It can send its location to the app every 5, 10, or 30 minutes whilst moving. The Invoxia App also has Geofencing Alerts. This means you’ll get a notification anytime your bike leaves a specific geographical area of interest.

So, say your bike does get stolen. Your Invoxia App has notified you that the bike has left your garage and is on the move. You can follow its location using the App, which will alert you when you arrive within the last ~20ft of its location using the Proximity Radar feature.

invox cellular gps tracker location track realtime movement helps recover stolen bikes

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker weighs just 30g and is about twice the size of your average USB pen. The exact dimensions are as follows:

  • 4.13″ x 1.06″ x 0.35″

It seems like a great piece of kit for those of us who get stressy about bike security. What you do need to consider is how you’re going to mount it securely to your bicycle. Stuffing it into a frame bag isn’t ideal, as that can be removed easily. Likewise, you wouldn’t want it attached to the frame as it needs to be well out of the sights of bike thieves.

miles wide industries fork cork review

Those dimensions would probably allow it to be stored inside the steerer tube on many mountain bikes, but you’d need to make sure it stayed put and didn’t get wet; it’s not fully waterproof. The Fork Cork from Miles Wide Industries could be a good option for this particular storage location.

Pricing & Availability

invoxia cellular gps tracker device protects against bike theft helps recover stolen bike

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker retails at $129. That cash gets you the tracker, a sim card and a 1 year subscription to the 4G LTE-M network. After the initial year, ongoing annual subscriptions will set you back $39.90.

Get it direct from Invoxia or pick up one from Amazon.


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Dylan Sutton
Dylan Sutton
3 years ago

Whoops, you really didn’t think this one through very well did you? MTB fork steerer tubes are almost universally aluminium, as are most headset preload caps, as is the fork cork. While you may be able to stuff one of these devices inside your MTB steerer, it’s not going to work for its intended purpose as the cellular signal will be blocked.

Jessie-May Morgan
Jessie-May Morgan
3 years ago
Reply to  Dylan Sutton

Good point, well made. Don’t put it in your steerer, folks.

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