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Jay Leno Demo’s an $80K Electric Bike

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I’m not quite sure where the line between an electric bike ends and an electric moped begins, however PG-Bikes seems comfortable toeing that line with their new BlackTrail BT-01. PG-Bikes is expanding rapidly on a global scale, and just finished a tour of the US, stopping to see the likes of Evil Jared, West Coast Customs, and of course the master of all things with a motor: Jay Leno. PG was of course showcasing their highest end model, with an equally highend pricetag. Billed as an electric bicycle, the completely carbon fiber exercise in German engineering is gorgeous to say the least. Carbon down to the wheels, the BT-01 is trimmed in Brooks Leather and is capable of about 62 MPH!

By the looks of it, you would be forgiven if you thought it may be a tad on the heavy side but all that carbon really helps to lighten the load. In fact the battery pack weighs the same as the entire bike without the battery pack installed. Weighing in at around 40 pounds, that equates to a 20 pound bike with a 20 pound battery. Not too shabby for your $80 grand.

The BlackTrail includes all the features you may expect for the price, with integrated lights (including brake lights), an OLED speedometer and battery charge indicator, on-board charging (no need to remove the battery pack), disc brakes, and keyless ignition and security!

Check out the video of Jay riding the BT-01 after the break.

While some Ebikes are pedal assist, meaning that they don’t go unless you pedal, the BT-01 does not fit that category. Equipped with a twist throttle, the BT-01 cares not whether you pedal or not. If you do pedal you can obviously increase the mileage of the battery, but you can also just pedal when it runs out of juice. Battery life is impressive when compared to other ebikes, considering it is capable of up to 120 miles per charge at the cruising speed of 20-30 miles an hour. This is well over the speed and distance of most current electric offerings.

Perhaps this is a sign of things to come in the electric bicycle world with trickle down tech finding its way to less, uh, expensive bikes for the rest of us!

PG-Bikes also has a cool line up of cruisers and bikes including other electric bikes with more “reasonable” prices, around $6K US, so be sure to check out their site.

Thanks to Paul for the tip!

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