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Jet Roll unwraps Spectre for road & gravel riders, + two new models for MTB

Jet Roll 2018, Spectre on seat
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Not having the right tool on hand is a real drag, but you don’t want to weigh down your pack or bike by bringing half your workshop along for rides. The folks at JET Roll are continually trying to help you find the best solution with their compact rolls that carry Just Enough Tools (yep, that’s what JET stands for) for any type of ride.

Their latest is the Spectre roll, the company’s offering for all-road or gravel riders which features a new matte metallic fabric. For mountain bikers, the new Wild Weasel 2.0 Joker Black Ace and an updated Thunderbolt ‘Warthog’ model provide options for conveniently carrying ride essentials.


Jet Roll 2018, Spectre with stuff

The Spectre is JET Roll’s new road/gravel model for 2018. With its three pockets, this compact roll can carry one tube up to 700x43c, a CO2 pump head and air cartridges, tire levers, and a multi-tool. The Spectre bears a different look than previous JET Rolls as it’s made from a new material that’s durable yet lightweight, has a bit of stretch, and boasts a unique matte metallic appearance.

Jet Roll 2018, Spectre button

A single button fastens the roll shut, and to keep things looking flashy the button is cut like a crystal and colored jet black. The attachment strap is made from premium nylon with a stainless steel buckle. The Spectre comes in two color options- Matte Gunmetal Black or Matte Steel Blue Metallic. It is available online for $65 USD.

Wild Weasel 2.0 Joker Black Ace

Jet Roll 2018, Wild Weasel with items

The Wild Weasel 2.0 Joker Black Ace is an all-new 2018 model designed for mountain bikers.This roll is made from ultra-premium synthetic leather with matte black trim, a red pump/CO2 canister loop and white stitching. Its four pockets provide ample space for a spare tube and a few small tools to keep you rolling.

Jet Roll 2018, Wild Weasel on seat

This roll includes a black suede double strap with stainless steel buckles to handle heavier loads and keep things securely attached while riding off-road terrain. It also features two black crystal-cut buttons to fasten itself shut for hauling inside a backpack or jersey pocket.

The Wild Weasel 2.0 Joker Black Ace comes in Antiradar Black only. MSRP will be $165 USD, but eager buyers can snag one for $145 as a pre-release special offer by following the link below…

Thunderbolt Warthog 2.0

Jet Roll 2018, Thunderbolt Warthog 2.0 with items

The Thunderbolt Warthog 2.0 MTB roll has been updated for 2018, and its premium heavy-duty synthetic leather exterior now bears a unique distressed lightning pattern. The roll is finished with matte grey trim, a light grey pump loop, bronze stitching and two bronze-colored metal buttons. Its four-pocket layout is similar to the Wild Weasel model above.

Jet Roll 2018, Thunderbolt Warthog 2.0 interior

This model can be purchased with either a heavy duty black suede single strap or a limited edition cream/brown colored Italian-made premium leather strap with a black buckle. The Thunderbolt Warthog 2.0 comes in Midnight Storm Blue only. The full retail price will be $135, but through Jet Roll’s pre-release offer you can currently buy one for $115.

Both MTB models are available now by following this link (which is not accessible from Jet Roll’s website). Introductory deals and discounts will be offered until Jan 31 or until supplies run out.


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Fred Gravelly
Fred Gravelly
5 years ago

A tool roll… for gravel… … …coooool!

5 years ago

Was digging the wild weasel till I saw it mounted under the seat. I don’t like the idea of exposed tools. Nothing like using tools packed with mud, water, or other trail debris…

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
5 years ago

This is stupid; a Silca seat roll premio is $48 has a BOA to secure it to the saddle rails and swap bikes easily and is far more attractive. I’ve always preferred my Silca Eolo wallet which is filled with a 16 oz; everything needed to change 2 flats on the road and a tool (its easier than a seat pack since I use different bikes frequently). I just duct tape my spare MTB tube and a big 20oz to the saddle rails and throw the wallet in my back pocket. Everything that can get messed up with dirt/debris is sealed up in my back pocket and the tube and co2 is held in place for free.

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
5 years ago

Fat fingered it meant 16 and 20 Gram

5 years ago

I bought one. Why? I don’t know. In a moment of sheer profligacy I was like a pregnant woman amongst bars of chocolate. Totally irrational and acting against my better judgement, I just had to have it, and quickly. The cost of these things is just insane and I regret my decision. It doesn’t protect the tools at all and is a pain to use on the mountain bike when compared to the likes of the Ortlieb Micro, for example.

I think it’s partly the jazzy names, the good looking fabrics and the great product photography that drew me to these but basically they’re totally impractical and I haven’t used mine once. I can be a mug sometimes.

After having splurged so much money on mine I was close to hating myself but I have since been on a number of therapy sessions to resolve matters. So this isn’t entirely a tale of woe.

Since my recovery I’ve been on many bike rides and have been as happy as a clam.

The End

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