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Just in: Cane Creek eeSilk cushions for the long haul

Cane Creek eeSilk
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Cane Creek is most known for their headsets, but one of their other longest running products is the venerable Thudbuster. Seeking to view solutions in a new light, they’ve partnered with eecycleworks to offer the ee series which includes fresh takes on star nuts, brake calipers, cranks, and what we’re looking at – seatposts. The eeSilk is designed to dampen the chatter of gravel roads and trails alike.

A closer look

Cane Creek eeSilkThe eeSilk measures in at 350mm long with an 8mm offset, and it fits a 27.2mm ∅ seat tube. Titanium bolts, IGUS bushings, and CNC’d links make up the pivot system. In all, the post offers 20mm of travel and supports up to a 330lb rider. It comes with 3 elastomers (1 installed), each in different densities. The lighter elastomers have a softer feel while the more dense options are more rigid.



Cane Creek eeSilkCane Creek eeSilk

Out of the box, the $290 eeSilk weighs in at 294g. The elastomers do vary in weight but the difference is negligible at 2g between the soft and hard replacements. Elastomers are purchased for $13, and they range from extra soft to extra firm densities. Overall, the eeSilk adds just under 100g when compared to the Thomson Elite seatpost that was previously installed.

First impressions

Cane Creek eeSilkCane Creek eeSilk

The Cane Creek eeSilk adds an immediate increase in the level of comfort, and significantly reduces trail chatter. Sitting in the saddle when crossing a field is smooth, but it does rebound from big bumps enough to kick me out of the saddle. There’s also a very slight twist in the linkage system that allows the saddle to slightly pivot side to side if you twist it hard enough. Overall, it behaves mostly like you would expect – like an even lighter, and sleeker Thudbuster ST that still has just enough give to take the edge off.

Stick around for a full review after we get more miles and time in on it.


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4 years ago

It is lighter than the Redshift ShockStop. Looking forward to a comparison between those two, the Bodyfloat/KINEKT, the Ergon CF3, and other “seatpost suspension” options. Choice and competition is good!

3 years ago

I’m still struggling to see how the eeSilk can retail for $289 and yet the Thudbuster ST for $176!!!???

3 years ago
Reply to  Schadenfreude

Pitty that nobody from CC cares to answer your question. As far as Eesilk is concerned I gave it a try. Can’t even tell about the comfort because it moves sideways, creaking, so I decide to put it off. Yes, the saddle was attacched firmly. Never had such an issue with the Thudbuster ST.

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