Given the strong reader response to founder Alan Lim’s “egg test,” we figured that it would be a good idea to give Skratch Labs’ Exercise Drink Mix a go.  While Lim’s video was an depiction of the dehydrating potential of too much hydration mix rather than a controlled experiment, it illustrates to Skratch’s (and others’) point that lighter drink mixes may be more effective than calorie- and electrolyte-dense alternatives.

Regardless of the details in their marketing vidoe, the proof of the drink mix is in the riding- and that’s what we intend to do.  Considerably less sweet than many competitors, Skratch Labs’ Exercise Drink Mix doesn’t provide those drinks’ sugary hit- but doesn’t generate the uncomfortable (and gross) phlegm that those drinks can either.  The (real!) fruit-flavored drinks’  ingredients lists are also refreshingly pronounceable- not necessarily a performance metric, but nice nonetheless. With some big desert rides on the horizon, we’re looking forward to giving it a go…



  1. notanMTBrider on

    I like the Skratch Lab mixes — the taste is good, not overpowering. And the pineapple and lemon/lime mixes are basically transparent. No fluorescent colorings! Since I can tolerate it, I drink more during my rides.

  2. Ck on

    Gotta agree with notanMTBrider, some of the mixes out right now are too heavy with the flavoring and citric acid. I tried Skratch recently and loved it because it’s got good flavor and isn’t overly sweet or tart. I’ll likely switch over to it once my current stock of mix runs low.

  3. iride on

    I think some of the negative comments may be coming from people who don’t do endurance type riding, and not trying to be critical. Six hour type rides are when you get the benefit from Skratch Labs. I’ve tried watering down Gatorade/PowerAde to a 50/50 mix but their is still sugar that causes upset stomachs and difficulty processing the liquid.

  4. ascar larkinyar on

    skratch did not work for me. too weak. i do endurence racing and need my fuel to recharge my body. this product fell short every time. i ran out of energy earlier, cramped and did not recover for three days.
    tried this product for two weeks at every mix, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1, 3/1…etc

    going back to hammer products they never let me down, cheap to buy and available everywhere. i even like the taste, which is important when your on the bike from 7-24 hours.

  5. Psi Squared on

    It should be noted that this is a hydration mix (it’s in the title of the article and the name of the product, after all) and not an energy mix.

  6. gilang4 on

    I goes for 73 miles training, almost 4000ft climb this last weekend and actually pushed hard the whole route. I used Skratch and added 2 scoops of maltodextrin in my bottle, ride the whole route without any problem. The drink is light, fresh and tasty. Like to drink it through out the ride. Feel fine next day.


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