Hammerhead Karoo 2 & Flora Duffy Reveal Bermuda Custom Color Kits

Hammerhead recently buddied up with world-famed triathlete and philanthropist, Flora Duffy, to create a limited-edition Bermuda-inspired kit for Karoo 2 cycling computers. The upshot? Hammerhead siphons all Bermuda kit proceeds to the Flora Fund, Duffy’s youth-focused charity.

karoo 2 bermuda - flora screen shot

Photo: Hammerhead

Bermuda Kit Design

The low-profile casing adds clear, unobstructed viewing of the Karoo 2’s screen. It’s purely business upfront. But around the casing’s sides and coating the back is a vibrant smattering of chalky blues, greens, pinks, and yellows.

The palette is a direct nod to Bermuda’s pastel-painted buildings. The limited-run colorway is bold and energetic without feeling obnoxious — which, given Duffy’s apparent demeanor, seems pretty on-brand.

bermud karoo 2 kit up close

Photo: Hammerhead

The Flora Fund

The Flora Fund, established in 2018, is geared to provide essential monetary support to young, dedicated Bermudian athletes through a selective grant process. The number of grants given in a year and the amount bestowed to grant recipients varies. Grants are available to both individuals and sporting organizations, regardless of age and genre of sport. To hear her describe it, the Flora Fund is Duffy’s passion project.

The world champion states, “I could not have successfully pursued my dream of being a professional athlete without considerable help…Now I would like to help others where I can. This is a small start but I hope to grow the foundation into a meaningful and sustainable community asset that positively impacts the youth of Bermuda.”

Purchasing Information

The Karoo 2 Bermuda kit ($45 MSRP) maybe not be Hammerhead’s loudest Karoo accessory, but it is the only one that comes with a natural high, am I right?

As with any of Hammerhead’s kits, the Karoo 2 Bermuda kit package includes the casing (well, obviously), a screwdriver, backup screws (just in case), and an installation manual.

Gear nerds can kit out their Karoo 2s for the cause here. Orders destined for the US or South Africa ship free.

bermuda 2 lifestyle

Photo: Hammerhead

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