A new custom 3D-printed carbon Kimoa e-bike reshapes direct-to-consumer e-bike buying in the US, backed by SimplyEV, Fernando Alonso’s lifestyle brand, and the e-technology & manufacturing specialists of Arevo. It’s a reimagining of some unique automated thermoplastic carbon manufacturing tech we first saw a couple of years back from Arevo, now more accessible with the lifestyle crossover and brick-and-mortar retail shops across the US.

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, turquoise complete dropbar

all c. Kimoa

In fact, this new Kimoa e-bike is almost the same as what we saw when Arevo crowdfunded its own version under their Superstrata brand. But now the ‘sustainable’ clothing & accessory lifestyle e-retailer fronted by Spanish Formula One racing driver Fernando Alonso, is out to make customized e-bikes much more accessible, and even becoming more integrated.

e-bike development explainer

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, aangled top

Just as a quick refresher & explainer, Arevo is the Silicon Valley advanced manufacturing technology company that makes this e-bike possible with their own continuous carbon fiber composite 3D-printing process, combining carbon reinforcement with an impact-resistant thermoplastic binder. They are the parent company of Superstrata, which still make their Terra as both a bike and an e-bike, targeted more towards performance-focused cyclists.

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, angled front

Arevo’s separate new partnership with Kimoa is really about opening up to a broader audience away from conventional cycling. At the same time, the goal with Kimoa is to speed up the delivery process to get new buyers hooked on the idea of a made-to-order e-bike as a form of cool, sustainable alternative transportation.

Tech details

The heart of the Kimoa x Arevo e-bike is still the monocoque 3D-printed thermoplastic carbon frameset, powered by a Bafang 250W 50Nm hub motor with a small 252Wh battery hidden inside the frame for a range of 55 miles, and a quick 2hr recharge time.

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, white frame

Geometry is defined simply as parametric custom, where you enter your basic height, inseam & preferred ride position to self-generate the proper fit. Or you can enter more detailed 5-point biometric measurements to get a “Superfit”. Arevo says that means 500,000 possibilities so every rider gets a perfect fit.

Kimoa x Arevo – Pricing, options & availability

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, yellow complete

The Kimoa x Arevo e-bike is essentially available now with what looks like a minimum of 4-8 weeks lead time as it is currently still being produced in Arevo’s largest 3D-printing farm facility in Vietnam. The e-bikes are being made-to-order on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, black build options

3D-printed Kimoa x Arevo e-bikes start at $4000 complete in a singlespeed configuration – with either flat bar, backswept townie bar, or a road drop bar. Adding a 1x 11sp Shimano 105 drivetrain adds an extra $350. But you can pick either conventional road, mixed terrain bike path, or wider gravel bike tires for no additional cost.

Kimoa x Arevo custom 3d-printed carbon e-bike, angled rear

Kimoa e-bikes can be configured and ordered completely online via Kimoa.com or in person at around fifty SimplyEV & Simply Mac stores across the US.

Kimoa.com & Arevo.com

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15 days ago

How to tell if a new concept bike is going to be terrible in one easy step:
1) Does it have a seat tube?
JFC Industrial Designers, WHY?

15 days ago
Reply to  luddite

@luddite… The reason you would do that is so you can have the top tube and seat-stays acting as leaf springs which would make for a smoother ride.
This is actually a throwback to the 1880’s John Kemp Starley designed Rover safety bicycle.

11 days ago
Reply to  alloycowboy

@alloycowboy … this is just copy-paste after spotting the Urwahn bikes (www.urwahnbikes.com)

15 days ago

You need to stop pumping this. Arevo/Superstrata has 4000+ people still waiting for their bike. Meanwhile they modified the design from the original concept, came in massively overweight, and switched to the cheapest components. That’s not even mentioning the other backers they sold an e-scooter to, similarly delayed and deviating from the promised specifications. TWO big crowdfunding train wrecks from the same company. I would stay the hell away.

Chris W
Chris W
14 days ago

Please educate yourself before writing an article especially for a well reputable site such as Bike Rumor. Please see and read more about Superstrata… and you will find out more, search Indiegogo Superstrata and read the comments.