Kind Human Gravel bike possible teaser

Compared to most of the bicycle companies out there, Kindhuman is very small. But they operate with a goal of not only creating great product at attainable prices, but also with a big emphasis on giving back. In all honesty, from talking with co-founder Adam Abramowicz it seems like they wanted a way to give back so they created the company, not the other way around.

Regardless, while news of their cycling scholarships or sponsorship of KindRiders like Adam Myerson takes center stage for Kindhuman, they also create bikes. The latest of which appears like it may be a new gravel/all road bike. Kindhuman already offers a disc brake cyclocross race bike, but comparing it to the teaser shown above (and on their facebook page), this bike has differently positioned cable ports and appears to have a much longer head tube. It also is running Panaracer GravelKing SK tires on a disc brake wheelset. All of which points to a new option on the way for off road drop barring…

Kindhuman Bicycles Cross bike

Above is Kindhuman’s Kudu Disc 2016 CX race bike for comparison. It looks like there is a substantial difference in the geometry and frame design between the two bikes, and the GravelKings have us thinking gravel for obvious reasons…


      • Adam on

        Thanks for the feedback Myke, I think you’ve mentioned that in other posts in the past too. While it is a brand name, it’s less about the brand and more about what we do and who we are. We know the name is a bit off-putting, oddly enough, to many riders and that’s a big part of why we’ve shifted to using “KH” an abbreviation and moniker given to us by our customers. That said, there’s more to the bikes we offer than just the name on the downtube. Speaking of names, the name we’ve given the bike Zach caught us teasing actually has a rally interesting story and I hope to share it with you all real soon. Happy riding out there.

        • Dinger on

          I always find it interesting when people take issue with brand names for the words they use, sometimes citing that Italian brand’s names exude class and exclusivity, even though they’re just people’s family names. To Italians, they probably sound like “Smith”, “Baker”and “Johnson”. On the other side of it, some of the most powerful brands in the world are “Google”, “Yahoo” and “Apple”, and nobody seems to think those words are strange.

          You guys do you, don’t fret the haters.

  1. Jeb on

    Would never buy a bike from a company that Adam Myerson was associated with, especially after what he said to nice guy Tim Johnson on twitter. Straight up d%^k.

  2. Greg on

    Wow A company that gives back and such crummy comments. The blamers and shamers of this site kill me. Typically in the real world even if you don’t like what you see you say something positive then point out what you disagree with…”great work on the social aspect but dislike the name”. Not “worst name ever”.


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