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Kindhuman Bicycles has a unique approach to selling bikes with an emphasis on quality products at fair prices with a focus on giving back. Their Take the Lead Cycling Program program is designed to provide inspiring individuals with the bike and gear they may not otherwise be privy to as a method of developing personal potential through two wheels. Operating as a retail bicycle shop themselves, they understand the importance of experienced retailers and want to grow Kindhuman by spreading their mission through like minded individuals and dealers.

In order to do just that, Kindhuman has a new program that will provide better service to their customers and dealers alike….

Kind Human

In a rapidly changing market place, one thing that most major brands and long-time industry insiders can agree on is how important a network of quality bicycle retailers are to the consumer. Presently and going forward, consumer behavior has transitioned into a clickable market place with more products and information available than ever before, through the internet. Retailers, manufactures, & distributors have all struggled to find a symbiotic process that is sustainable to service the consumer’s demand while still having the ability to have a way where new products can reach the consumer’s hands prior to purchase, (getting a new brand or product to market is near impossible without a network of stocking dealers). We’ve seen the likes of Trek and Atomik Carbon develop a dealer supported online sales structure and so far there has been a positive response with many dealers who value having an additional avenue to bring consumers into their stores. Kindhuman thinks they know where they can fit in to increase their physical presence in the market place and in doing so, further extend their advocacy.

Co-founder, Adam Abramowicz stated,

“We believe in the IBD, because we are one. Before we ever started the company, we spent years working in shops and for shops and The KindHuman Bicycle Store in Toronto has served as a ground-level test center for us to discover what real riders want and need. We are poised like no bike company ever, to deliver those products to them. The IBD has been the bedrock for this industry and we believe that they are the future for it and we want to be a part of that future.”

Kind Human 2

Kindhuman’s Dealer Direct Program will offer a frameset program, a “Dealer Edition” custom paint program, along with a low-risk/low-inventory Dealer Direct program. Dealers with a “give back” culture, that are interested in becoming Authorized KindHuman Bicycles Dealer can email the company at for program and pricing information.

Adam also stated they have some pretty exciting things coming down the pipeline involving some projects they’re working on with Ritchey as well as working with a renowned F1 & bike designer that is working with their frame engineers on…. well, we can only guess, but that’s the Rumor!


  1. Chris L on

    @CX Hotdog: I was thinking the same thing. I recently acquired a Cannondale CX bike with discs and so far I’m not that impressed. Hard braking creates a degree of shuddering that doesn’t happen with cantilevers where the braking forces are concentrated at the top of the fork rather than the bottom. Moving the braking forces from the top of the fork to the bottom is going to require much stiffer forks. Stiffer forks will end up being less compliant and comfortable forks. Ultimately I can see discs driving a need to introduce front suspension on road bikes which would actually be pretty awesome once the bugs are worked out.

  2. Adam Abramowicz on

    @CX and @Chris-

    We still believe in the canti brake but know that many people are searching for discs as well. That’s why we are proud to offer both. The way we see it, certain riders benefit from each braking system and in a sport like ‘cross, it’s all about having the right equipment (and lungs, and legs, and alcohol tolerance for some).

    Our motto is, Why Change, When You Can Choose?

    The industry shouldn’t dictate what’s best for riders, we’ll let you decide.

    Thanks for the support and we hope to see you between the tape sometime soon.

    Your friend in bike,


  3. Kernel Flickitov on

    Re: Chris L, having raced CX for a couple decades now I can tell you without hesitation that disc brakes pretty much solved ‘shuddering’, sounds like you have a set up issue because they really should not do that. That shudder was far more prevalent in the 90’s-early 2000’s when carbon CX forks used to be road forks with canti studs. Bigger head tubes, steerer tubes, and fork blades have almost resolved the shudder, even with cantis these days.

  4. chasejj on

    My cynical nature makes me gag when I see such blatant pandering to an insanely tiny share of the cycling market.

    FWIW-If I walk into a shop and see a bunch of Kindhuman bikes. I walk out.

    I am waiting for the new Kickstarter startup-Douchebag Bikes. Count me in. At least that name would make me smile.

  5. Adam Abramowicz on

    @Kernel is certainly on to something. But that said, you can get shudder from discs that are not properly in alignement. Sounds like a brake pad issue maybe? Very strange .

    The fork we use on the KÜDÜ is an open source mold that our factory has access to. Upon initial testing, it needed to be fortified a bit. I hate brake shudder. It’s not a confidence inspiring feeling for the whole front end to wobble and shake under pressure. That’s why we reevaluated the stock lay up to stiffen it up a bit. I won’t say that we’ve been able to 100% eliminate brake shudder but I can say I’ve not felt it and the only reports we’ve had about it were from Adam Myerson earlier this season, he changed the brake noodle and it went away. Phew.

  6. Brian on

    I have a kindhuman road bike and I think it’s a great bike and an even better value. Especially if you race. I will be choosing to race my kindhuman in local races rather than my other bike which is a tdf winning bike.

  7. Craig on

    Well I like the paint scheme of these frames, that striped fade look is quite cool.

    At very least the more small brands in the marketplace the more it helps to dilute the stranglehold of the big brands. The end consumer wins, more choice and better value.


  8. Adam Abramowicz on

    @chasejj were you around for a previous BikeRumor thread when we decided we would help a rider launch Totaldick Bikes? At the end of the day, we just hope to put out products riders want to rider. No frills, no BS. When we say we do what’s right for riders, we mean that. To us, a customer is more than a sales exchange. Our riders guide the way we design and sell products and that’s one reason why we are opening dealers.

    If you get the chance to hop on one of our rigs, I think you would be surprised.

    If you happen to be at a shop or race or event and you see Gavin or myself there – the Snickers is on us.

    @brian, @chase, @sickboy and @rickstar thanks for the support!

  9. Myles on

    Ive been racing on a kudu this past season, I can easily say it’s been my favorite cx bike so far, this coming from dropping 2.5k on a custom cx a couple seasons ago.


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