Need a lightweight brain bucket for gravel and adventure rides? Check out Limar’s new Air Stratos helmet.  A size medium tips the scale at a claimed 240g, and a size large weighs a reported ten grams more. But there’s more to it than just a low weight…


limar air stratos road and gravel bike helmet shown from all sides

It’s not the lightest helmet Limar’s ever made (that’s the Ultralight Evo, which also happens to be one of the lightest in the world), but the Air Stratos is one of the lightest helmets with a $115 MSRP. And its 15 bigger vents and slightly deeper coverage make it a better all-around helmet for most roadies and gravel cyclists. It even gets non-allergenic pads inside. However, that light weight seems to come at the expense of additional safety systems as the helmet lacks MIPS or similar technologies. For a helmet that’s geared towards gravel, bikepacking, and adventure riding, that could be an important consideration.

limar air stratos

The in-mold double-shell helmet comes in seven colors (white, black, blue, red, burgundy, gray, and army green), but only two sizes – Medium and Large.

It’s one entry of six in the brand’s new Air Revolution array, including designs built for everything from time trials to aero road racers to mixed-surface adventures.

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