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LOOK E-765 Optimum adds removable e-bike system developed with Bernard Hinault

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LOOK announced their addition to the rapidly growing e-road segment, the E-765 Optimum. Developed with the help of cycling legend Bernard Hinault, it features the Fazua Evation motor and battery system, which can be entirely removed to convert the machine back to a normal road bike. Other spec includes disc brakes, wide tire clearance, and a variable-modulus carbon frame to optimize ride quality.

LOOK E-765 Optimum pedal assist e-road bike

LOOK is known for their heritage in road, but they’ve also branched out more in to gravel and even the growing e-bike segment. The new E-765 Optimum uses the popular Fazua Evation drive system with custom tuning developed with LOOK specifically for this bike. It’s also completely removable, for those that want to convert the bike back to a lighter-weight rig, for rides where pedal assist isn’t needed.

Check out the video and press release below for more details.


Nevers, France: LOOK are delighted to announce the arrival of two new gravel bikes to their range – the 765 Gravel RS and e-765 Gravel – signifying the historic French marque’s arrival in the fast-growing segment.

The e-765 Optimum bike represents a brand new direction for LOOK, utilising the marque’s unrivalled carbon expertise and marrying it to the excellence of an integrated Fazua motor and battery system. The e-765 Optimum is made entirely in-house, and as a result carries with it LOOK’s potent performance DNA alongside the convenience of electrical assistance.

At the core is a fully-fledged carbon performance road bike – the carbon frame is made up of specifically optimised fibres laid up into an endurance-bred geometry that allows the e-road bike to meet the needs of its rider; stiffness and responsiveness where it’s required balanced by compliance and durability. With these ultra-precise fibre orientations – 25% high modulus, 31% intermediate modulus, 31% high resistance and 13% specific fibre – it is now possible to achieve a high level of performance, with a firm focus on practicality.

The frame’s seatstays are an important source of innovation – created using a new ‘3D Wave’ design that incorporates two deflections into the tubes, LOOK’s engineers have built an extra 15% vertical compliance into the rear triangle of the e-765 Optimum, compared to a standard carbon construction, resulting in a comfortable all-day ride.

The integrated Direct Drive headset system and oversized bottom bracket area offer up intuitive and direct handling as well as plenty of stiffness – even for 5-time Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault – and super-efficient power transfer so that every pedal stroke is maximised. This combination of endurance geometry and strategically-optimised carbon frame design makes the e-765 Optimum equally exciting and easy to ride.

“It is a genuine revolution for any cyclist – I would never have believed they could retain all of the sensations of a 100% muscle-driven bike. It has become my benchmark bike!”
– Bernard Hinault

Fazua motor integration
Meanwhile, the e-765 Optimum’s neatly integrated Fazua motor and battery system produces assistance without disrupting the aesthetic of the bike.

Fazua’s motor and battery system is world-renowned for its integrated and lightweight design – the motor and battery adds just 4.6kg to the overall weight of the bike, with the entire machine weighing an average of 13.4kg. The motor will assist riders up to 25km/h, with four modes possible including a 400W ‘rocket mode’ selectable through the handlebar-mounted remote, while the system offers minimal resistance through the bottom bracket when rolling at faster speeds and on zero assistance mode. The pedalling sensation feels just like a non electrically-assisted bike thanks to the optimised weight distribution the Fazua system enables.

The close partnership between Fazua and LOOK has enabled the French brand to research their own power mapping profile for the electronic control unit, developed for optimum performance in a road riding situation following a year-long study into rider habits by LOOK.

The Fazua system has an integrated app, which allows the rider to turn your smartphone into a fully-functional bike computer, including GPS navigation, speed recording, as well as providing metrics on how they are using their battery power and motor, and temperature readings. Plus, the electrical system is completely detachable, converting the e-765 Optimum into an ordinary pedal-powered road bike.

The LOOK e-765 Optimum is available immediately in two trims: Shimano Ultegra Di2 for €7,699, or Ultegra mechanical components for €6,499.

[Ed: LOOK USA representatives reached out to us to address confusion regarding the speed cutoff limit for the pedal-assist motor. The original press release originated from their European offices, and did not address USA speed regulations. Please see the official stance below from LOOK USA for clarification.]

“The E-765 Optimum and E-765 Gravel will be available in the US with a max pedal assist of 20 mph/32kph. The regulations in the EU limit the motor to 15mph/25 kph of pedal assist. We chose to partner with Fazua on the system to design a bike was light enough to ride without any assistance on flatter road, to seamlessly integrate into the ID of the frame, and to extend to the battery life, and ultimately ride distance. To meet these requirements a slightly smaller, and less powerful, battery system and motor were necessary. The result is a system that feels very natural when riding under assist and in the end you forget you are on a e-bike. That’s where this bike is different and fantastic, it’s our hybrid bike : Human power + electric power.”


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4 years ago

I have some suggestions for name of the framesets….

– Dumas
– Malléjac
– Simpson
– Tollet

And, of course the Armstrong……

4 years ago

I feel like 15 mph powered uphill isn’t really a big deal. The Orbea Gain goes 18 mph, and the new Specialized Turbo Creo goes 28.

4 years ago
Reply to  Seraph

In Europe EBikes (Pedelecs) are by law restricted to 25kph/ 15mph. Everything faster needs a insurance, numberplate and a drivers licence. And since Europe is the biggest and most importend market for EBikes, its limited to 15 mph.

STF_ill (@stf_ill)
4 years ago
Reply to  Seraph

That’s for the European Union. In the US it would tentatively go 20mph.

Brad Cole
4 years ago
Reply to  Seraph

Thanks for the note on the assist speed on the E-765 Optimum. The max assist on the bike that will be available here in the US will be 32 kph/20 mph. The assist speed that is shown above is for the EU bikes where they are regulated at a lower speed.

– Look and Corima USA

4 years ago
Reply to  Brad Cole

Why not Class 3 / 28mph in the USA? Doesn’t seem ideal for flat land riders with tailwinds or on group rides.

Is it because the Fazua can’t handle over 20mph assist?

Justin NeelyJustin
Justin NeelyJustin
4 years ago

all that and no talk of range?

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