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MIPS adds Fluid Inside to their protection portfolio, will fluid filled pads replace liners?

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It wasn’t all that long ago that MIPS took POC helmets to court over their SPIN technology. MIPS claimed that POC’s SPIN or Shearing Pads INside system infringed on their intellectual property. Recently though, it was announced that the two companies have come to a settlement which may mean that we’ll see MIPS technology in POC helmets in the future.

While it seems like POC is able to continue selling helmets with their SPIN pads, MIPS just landed their own brain injury mitigating pad technology – by acquiring Fluid Inside.


Fox Racing just recently added a new helmet featuring the Fluid Inside padding which is designed to absorb both linear impacts as well as rotational forces. Called a “fluid pod matrix,” each pad is actually a fluid filled pod meant to mimic the effect of your own cerebral spinal fluid that cushions your brain. On impact, the foam compresses to absorb low linear impact protection while the low shear fluid creates a shear plane to allow the helmet to move on impact relative to the head to reduce rotational injuries.

Initially focused on use in ‘team sports’ helmets like football and hockey, the pads have obvious benefits for other sports like cycling and snow sports. For now, the pads seem pretty large which makes them best suited to full face helmets like the Fox Rampage Pro DH helmet, but with this acquisition we wouldn’t be surprised to see MIPS create more pad shapes for use in other cycling helmets. From here it will be interesting to see how MIPS positions this in their line up and which helmets may get the new pads while others may stick to their Low Friction Layers.

Press Release

Stockholm, Sweden – 22 May 2019

MIPS, the world leader in brain protection systems, today announced the acquisition of the brand Fluid Inside and related patent rights. The acquisition builds MIPS’ product offering and safety solutions associated with technology that addresses both linear and rotational motions to improve helmet protection.

Fluid Inside was developed through a collaboration between Oblique Technology L.P. and the University of Ottawa in Canada. Like MIPS, the product has similar roots in academic research and study. The technology has so far been primarily integrated in helmets used in team sports, however, the acquisition also includes a limited number of customer agreements with action sports brands.

”The acquisition is primarily part of our strategic plan to continue to be the world leader in brain protection systems within helmet-based safety. We are very enthusiastic about strengthening our relationship with the University of Ottawa and to further increase our presence within team sports,” says Max Strandwitz, CEO of MIPS.


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4 years ago

I wonder if and when this -day in and day out- fear mongering and doom and gloom marketing of these new helmet “solutions” will stop.

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