Mission Workshop hauser Hydration Pack, limited edition black camo, full shot

Mission Workshop’s Acre Supply line has updated its Hauser hydration pack with a firmer, thicker lumbar pad and removable internal frame sheet that adds just a bit of shape to the pack so it’s not quite so floppy when empty.

And, for a short while, they’re offering a limited edition in the black camo print seen here, constructed from last supplies of their MultiCam Black fabric. Textile engineers Crye Precision have since altered and replaced the MultiCam fabric and will not be producing any more of the outgoing type due to licensing agreements with their manufacturer. Pack it in to see the changes up close and how they turned black scraps into beautiful storage…

Mission Workshop hauser Hydration Pack, limited edition black camo, roll top Mission Workshop hauser Hydration Pack, limited edition black camo, roll top down

The Hauser Hydration Pack’s outer shell is made with a multi-layered construction for durability and weather resistance. The limited-run camo printed MultiCam fabric is applied to American-made 500d cordura, reinforced with X-ply ripstop yarn and bonded to a waterproof membrane.

The pack includes a roll-top closure on the main compartment for complete rain protection, however the roll top can also be secured with the flap hanging down over the top section of the bag to provide extra coverage for the front pockets’ zippers.

Mission Workshop hauser Hydration Pack, limited edition black camo,  tool roll

The Hauser Hydration Pack has four weatherproof exterior pockets, plus a removable tool roll with four mesh pockets of its own to accommodate hand tools, a spare tube and a portable pump. As seen in the title shot, the bag’s back support features a substantial rear hip panel with three optional positions for custom-fitting the waist straps. The back panel and shoulder straps are perforated for ventilation and moisture management.

Mission Workshop hauser Hydration Pack, limited edition black camo, hydration pocket

The Hauser’s hydration pack pocket is compatible with just about any reservoir up to 3L in size. The hydration pack pocket offers easy access for refilling with a full zippered opening, and a loop and clip holds the hose on your right shoulder strap.


The new version’s lumbar padding (left) is much thicker, helping cushion the large, heavy loads this pack’s capable of carrying. Padding in the original was minimal.


Note the thickness of the new version compared to the flaccid panels on the old one.


The hydration reservoir pocket opens even wider than before (new on top, black), letting both sides lay completely flat. This opens up access to the Velcro panel that holds the new plastic support sheet, shown here partially removed.


It’s very thin, but it does give the back just enough shape when empty to make it easier to manage while loading.

Mission Workshop’s Hauser Hydration Pack is made in the USA. Two sizes are available, with capacities of either 10 or 14L. The 10L Hauser pack costs $215 USD and the 14L is $225. Buyers can also purchase an optional Camelbak or Hydrapack 3L reservoir directly from Mission Workshop for an additional $35.


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Greek Grouse
Greek Grouse
6 years ago

caption for the first pic: “are you crying?”; “no, my hydration pack just leaked on my face.”

6 years ago

Incredible price!

6 years ago

another contributing brand to the “cycling is the new golf thing”…

No comments, otherwise they would ban them anyways, so…

6 years ago

It would be nice if someone made a decently designed and executed hydration pack in the USA. This has so much potential, but is overdesigned, too heavy, too expensive and too SF.