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Monkey Lights A10, A15 and A30 models offer new functions, batteries and lower prices

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Monkey Lights, two patterns of A30

Whether you’re looking to be seen on your commute or you want to be the star of your local Bike Rave, Monkeylectric can subtly or superfluously illuminate your wheels with their clever Monkey Lights. Previously Bikerumor checked out the Monkey Light M232 which introduced 42 display patterns for riders to choose from, and the eye-catching Pro model which shows images or even animations while you ride.

The company’s new A10, A15 and A30 models offer anything from a simple ring of light to a few dozen patterns that nearly illuminate your entire wheel. Despite offering new features the A-model prices are creeping downwards, with a basic set starting at $49 for Kickstarter supporters. Monkeylectric’s latest campaign is off to a good start, so if you’re curious about buying in check out the new models below…

Monkey Lights, A10/15 proto

Monkey Lights are comprised of either a strip or a small square of LED lights that are strapped to your spokes, and a battery pack that attaches to your hub. The LED’s durable molded rubber casing was designed to handle all kinds of weather conditions, dirt and dust. The housings attach to your spokes with stainless steel straps (not just old fashioned zip-ties) so they shouldn’t be easy to steal. For easy recharging, the batteries simply screw out of their hub-mounted housing.

So what’s new with the A-models? First off, they now offer an automatic setting that’s controlled by motion and light sensors so they only switch on when you’re rolling in low light conditions. The basic A10 only functions in auto mode, but the A15 and A30 models provide the option to power the lights on or off manually.

Monkey Lights, A30 proto

The A30 has also seen improvements, as its light strip housing is now thinner and roughly half the overall size of the comparable previous model. The battery packs for all A-models are also now chargeable via USB.

Monkey Lights, all models illuminated

The Monkey Lights A10 provides a glowing ring of light on both your wheels (white up front, red behind) created by four LED’s. The A15 also uses four LED’s and the same small housing, but offers eight colors and a choice of five display themes like solid colors, stripes and blends. Both the A10 and A15 put out between 25-40 lumens, and their batteries will last about 30 hours on a full charge. Any bike with spoked wheels above 16” diameter can accommodate the A10 or A15.

Monkey Lights, A30 on cruiser bike
*Photos and video courtesy of Monkeylectric

The A30 model offers over 40 display patterns which can be selected individually or shown off one by one in a shuffle mode. The patterns are created by 32 LED’s which provide an output of 200 lumens and cover a sizeable area on your wheel. Monkeylectric says the light patterns remain visible at any speed between 10-40 mph. Due to the 32 light strip, the A30 requires a 20” wheel or larger and its battery life drops down to eight hours.

Currently Kickstarter supporters can pre-purchase a basic A-10 combo for $49 USD, a pair of A15’s for $58, or a set of A30 lights for $95. There are also options to buy mixed sets and three light setups for tricycles or cargo bikes. Monkey Lights are assembled in the USA, and come with a three year warranty. Global shipping is available, and delivery is slated for June-July 2017. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info.

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7 years ago

Seems like a good product that would help cyclist be seen on the road…..but I watched a couple of minutes of the video and didn’t see 1 helmet..

7 years ago


1 year ago

I know the monkey electric lights were not designed for motorcycles. But have you heard of anyone who has tried it and if they were successfully?

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