RockShox Is Hinting at Something. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork?

The final piece of the puzzle, well at least as far as looks, has been shown. When you look closely at the hub you see that it is stamped with “Predictive Steering” – so this fork may have more than meets the eye. We have no idea what it means, but we’re guessing that this fork has some pretty interesting tech hidden inside.

See the whole fork put together from the photos after the break.

composite RS-1

It’s an inverted kids’ fork! It all makes sense now. Just kidding.



  1. Jeremy on

    Wondering what the axle size is? Guessing I would have to buy new hubs/wheels to make it work. Hopefully not a new standard all together.

  2. aaron on

    “history repeating itself.”

    if one looks at what Klein bicycles (pre-trek) was doing way back in the day, and how so much of what they started is considered “modern” bike features, maybe rockshox is onto something.

  3. ChitlinNtheDude on

    what makes you guys think that this is a fatbike fork?

    I heard that it is a direct competitor to the DVO emerald.

    I heard one leg is full of Tennessee bourbon whiskey.

    I heard this annexed Crimea.

  4. ploor on

    there is no way this is for fatbikes – they wouldnt apply this kind of R&D for a small segment of the market – i’d guess this is a true successor of the rs-1 and will be more around xc / trail

  5. Chriso on

    I’m sure there will be a buttload more slider but it would have been a terrible ad image. What company would want to pay for ads to show some shiny sliders?

  6. Sam on

    Yes, the sliders are clearly cropped, which also has the effect of making the fork appear MUCH wider than it is. Add several inches of slider and probably a few below the crown in your mind’s eye and it will look much more like a traditional XC/trail fork.

  7. Out for a Ride on

    Definitely not cropped. I can tell by the pixels. I’m very good a Photoshop and did a t-shirt for my marching band once. I like the look of the two small metal wheels. They probably did that for stability and took out some weight and added aerodynamics with the holes.

  8. AZBikeFreak on

    I noticed there is no Schrader valve or adjustment knobs visible. Maybe it will be Bluetooth enabled so you can setup via Smartphone. Sweet!

  9. spokejunky on

    The new wheel size standard of 23.1415 or commonly known as 2 Pi. Get yours today, because 27.5 is so yesterday.

  10. Sigismond0 on

    “Hey guys, we need to come up with some way to fix the way the wheel flops from side to side on an inverted suspension fork.”

    “Just call it predictive steering and call it a feature.”

  11. härbert on

    To me the “inverted forks”thing is bondet to limited travel or/and limited travel…
    So it should be for XC
    The obvious next step in 25jears is …Lefty

    I bet for electronic Damping-Adjust
    Realy cool would be magnetic ride & control

  12. Ahod on

    I’m hoping that this “predictive steering” is actually a mechanical feature of the fork, and not their clever way of saying that lateral fork flex is a good thing.

    “It totally flexes towards the direction you’re steering, so it’s almost a predictive feeling.”
    Yeah, no thanks!

  13. Fanboy on

    one more time people.

    It’s NOT a fat bike fork. (but yes, Rock Shox do have one about to be released)

    It’s NOT an enduro fork.

    It IS an XC racer fork. one level above SID. The axle is 110mm x 15mm.

    My friend was at the SRAM OEM meetings in Taiwan 2 weeks ago.

  14. Tomfoolery on

    Fanboy, I have no reason not to believe you but if they were going to make it 110mm wide would they not just use the 110 x 20mm standard already out there? I guess most hubs well be adaptable anyway but it still seems strange.


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