Motobecane announced the HAL eBoost Pro, a full suspension e-bike using the Shimano STEPS e8000 system. It features a RockShox Pike fork, full Shimano XT drivetrain, and true four bar linkage system. Perhaps the biggest news, however, is the promotional $3,500 price – a number less than half of many competitors’ offerings.

Motobecane HAL eBoost Pro 27.5″+ mountain e-bike w/ Shimano STEPS e8000

Motobecane may not be the brand with the most cachet, but they’re certainly offering a ton of value for your dollar. The 2020 HAL eBoost Pro is breaking new ground with a $3,500 price point (for now), hitting an unthinkable price for a full suspension bike with the Shimano e8000 pedal assist motor. Motobecane also claims that it’s the first full suspension e-MTB in the USA with the high-end Shimano motor, though we’re aware of existing options from BMC and Pivot, to name a couple.

Motobecane advertises an impressive spec, and compatibility with both 27.5″+ and 29″ wheels (with 27.5 x 2.8″ tires stock). Complete bike weight is quoted at 48.2 lbs without pedals or reflectors.

The Motobecane HAL eBoost Pro is available now, for a promotional price of $3,499.95 in partnership with However, they note that this price will rise as sales goals are met, with an official list price of $7,999.


  1. dr_lha on

    Can we not pretend that Motobecane is an actual bike brand? It’s just a label slapped on bikes built from Chinese and Taiwanese catalogues by Nothing wrong with this, they make for decent bikes and they’re certainly cheap.

    Also lets not pretend like those “list prices” are anything other than made up to make bikes on look like they’re on perpetual sale. This bike will never sell for $7999, ever.

    • Craig on

      Is that question a joke? I’d go so far to say that sales in Europe outnumber sales in the usa by 100 to 1. USA sales are lagging miles behind. Something about a car culture and trail access issues apparently.

  2. Jimbo08 on

    You still need the LBS to fix any little/big thing wrong with the Shimano drive system. They are great drive system (I own one) and the backup from Shimano, like Brose, Bosch and all the other big brand motors, is wonderful. plug it in, analyse, and they help you to the enth degree. But shops are in business and expect to get paid for shop time. Is the customer going to be happy paying for a ‘warranty’ item. I happen to know big guys such as Specialized do support the shop ie paying the shop for their time taking care of stuff the original seller should be doing for their customer. That seamless warranty stuff is partly why the Specialized/Treks of the world charge more. They take care of you. Somehow i don’t expect online bargain sellers to come thru. Call me cynical…

  3. Todd Waltmire on

    The chart is inaccurate in regards to the Levo. The price shown would reflect a carbon framed S-works Levo. The Levo Comp is $5975 in aluminum (with different parts).

  4. Dirt McGirt on

    How about you put a bike not from the big red S or the comcast of the bike industry up there for price comparison? $3500-$4000 for a full suspension with the STEPS E8000 drive system is a pretty normal price point if you’re NOT standing in front of a big American brand that charges more overhead to pay Giant to make their shit or to pay Gary Fisher to fly all over the world to speak at 12 different brand-specific trade shows.

    • Dinger on

      There are full-suspension e-bikes with full XT drivetrain/brakes, RS Pike, branded wheels and Shimano E8000 or Bosch CX for $3,500-4,000? From what brands?

  5. jwh727 on

    I bought a new motobecane Hal boost E bike last October 2020. it is a great entry level middrive ebike. this is my 1st ebike. I have discovered the an ebike(or this one) requires more maintenace than a regular bicycle. be sure to check your wheel spokes after the first 5 ride or more untill they seat. always do a pre ride and check the suspension pivot linkage bolts for security and the rear derailer hanger mount Bolt. the rear wheel bearing pre load bolts have come loose a few times also. I bought a speedbox 20 mhp speed eleminator. the shimano motor does not stop assist at 20 mph. its unlimited so the faster you crank out your pedals the fast you go i average speed at 30mph. A must upgrade if you like riding hard and fast like me.


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