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BAM! New Muc-Off Bottled Air Magic instant puncture repair, sealant cleaner & more!

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Once you go tubeless off-road, you never look back. And now Muc-Off goes all-in, with an even wider range of all things tubeless to make life without tubes even easier, from tubeless install kits to on-the-trail repairs, even BAM! the bottled air magic that will get you riding again on the double.

Muc-Off Tubeless Program – Prepare, Inflate, Maintain

It’s hard to knock tubeless once you’ve tried it. The final setup is lighter vs. a standard inner tube setup, punctures are less frequent, small ones will often seal themselves up without you even noticing, bigger punctures are easier to repair, and you can get away with lower tyre pressures for added grip in challenging muddy conditions. It’s really a no brainer, at least for mountain biking anyway. Initial setup can be a complete faff if you’re doing it for the first time but it is totally worth it, trust me.

There are already a multitude of tubeless setup kits, puncture repair kits & sealants out there. Now Muc-Off throw their hat in the ring (or a bigger hat in the ring), expanding their tubeless offering under the guise of a three step process: Prepare, Inflate, Maintain. Now you can find tubeless gear in the Muc-Off BAM (Bottled Air Magic), an Ultimate Tubeless Set-Up kit for road, gravel & MTB, puncture plug repair, CO2 inflator, an essentials case, and tubeless rim tape to boot.

Let’s take a look…

Muc-Off BAM (Bottled Air Magic)

bam-bottled-air-magic-mtb-muc-off photos c. Muc-Off

Muc-Off BAM, aka Bottled Air Magic, is a portable pressurized canister of air and latex foam that quickly inflates and repairs punctures at the same time by simultaneous injection of the two components into your tube or tyre. This looks like it should be ideal in emergencies, or when you need to top up your tyre sealant at the same time as re-inflating your tyre. It can be strapped to your bike frame with the separately sold utility belt or carried in a ride pack. Muc-Off say that BAM will inflate a 29” MTB tyre in under a minute, and is capable of sealing holes 3-4mm across. BAM retails for £15, while the utility belt for strapping it to your frame is £5 – currently only available in the UK and Europe.

Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit – for road or trial

muc-off tubeless setup kit mtb

Herein is everything you’ll need to get your tubeless setup rolling; Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape, Seal Patches, 2 CNC-machined black tubeless Valves and 2 pouches of No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant. Muc-Off have made 5 different kits available for 5 different setups, each retailing at £40 ($60):

  • Road/gravel/CX with shallow rims (44mm tubeless valves and 21x10mm Rim Tape)
  • Road/gravel/CX with deep rims (60mm tubeless valves and 21x10mm Rim Tape)
  • XC (44m tubeless valves and 25x10mm Rim Tape)
  • DH/Enduro (44m tubeless valves and 30x10mm Rim Tape)
  • DH Wide (44m tubeless valves and 35x10mm Rim Tape

Muc-Off Puncture Plug Repair Kit


When you do find yourself in the unpleasant situation where a puncture won’t self-seal, the Muc-Off Puncture Plug Repair Kit should get you out of that sticky situation. Lightweight and allegedly easy-to-use thanks to a T-shaped handle & precision machined tip, the repair kit comes with a 2-in-1 puncture plug/reamer tool and 5 thick plugs (aka slugs, worms, or  anchovies) and 5 thin plugs packed together in a handy wee storage pouch (so it doesn’t stab you accidentally).


Pull £12 ($15) out of your pocket for this. Compatible with all tubeless road, MTB & gravel tyres, the refill packs of 10 repair plugs are available separately.

Muc-Off CO2 Inflator Kit

co2-kit-mtb-cartridge muc off

Muc-Off don’t make a bicycle pump but they do now offer an Inflator Kit for rapid tyre inflation via the use of a CO2 cartridge. The main component of the kit is the CNC-machined inflator head. It is said to be compact and durable and has has a soft-touch button which easily controls CO2 release. The dual head nozzle allows for compatibility with both Presta and Schrader valves. The inflator head will attach to 25g and 16g cartridges for MTB and road, inflating tires up to 30 psi and 100 psi from flat respectively. Each kit contains 2 cartridges, the inflator head and 1 removable neoprene sleeve for the cartridges to help avoid freeze burn when releasing the CO2.


The road inflator kit will set you back £25 ($18), while the MTB Inflator kit will cost you £29 ($21). CO2 cartridges are also sold separately with the 25g retailing at £5 ($6) and the 16g at £3 ($3.20).

Muc-Off Glue & Sealant Remover

glue and sealant remover tubeless

Not included in Muc-Off’s Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit is the Glue & Sealant remover. This is a ‘non-aggressive’ fluid that helps remove rim tape glue, sealant, or tubular glue residue from inside rims (and anything else you manage to get sealant on) prior to applying rim tape. It is said to be safe to use on most metal, plastic, and carbon fibre surfaces. This will set you back £8 – currently only available in the UK and Europe.

Muc-Off Essentials Case

essentials-case-mtb-muc-off-tubeless-repair-punctureThe Muc-Off Essentials case is a neat place to store your important items while out riding. About the size of your average pencil case, the Essentials Kit is made from a tough outer camo fabric closed by a heavy-duty rubber-encased rope zip-pull for quick and easy access on the bike.


Internally, the case has a soft divider to keep stuff separate from your smartphone, or your tube separate from multi-tools, cartridges, and tyre levers. It also has a zipped pocket for smaller valuables like keys and coins. The Essential Case will set you back £15 ($20).

Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape


Back to the core setup, Muc-Off Tubeless Rim tape is made from their own proprietary material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to provide just the right amount stretch whilst maintaining the durability and strength needed to create a lasting airtight seal. The semi-transparent pink material should make locating the valve hole easy. It comes with 4x seal patches and is available in a £15 10m roll (good for five 700c/29er wheels) and 50m workshop roll (good for twenty-five wheels) in 6 widths to suit most Road, CX, Gravel, MTB & Plus-sized rims.


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4 years ago

I’ve been using the GUP sealant/inflator for a years now…it’s FANTASTIC.
Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

4 years ago

I never understood camo designs for things you DON’T want to lose outdoors……

“Here, put your valuable stuff in something that’ll be really hard to find if you drop it.” 🙂

Nick M
Nick M
4 years ago

“The Muc-Off Essentials case is a neat on-bike storage solution for all.”

…shows image of said case going into the rider’s pocket. Where does this go on the bike, exactly?

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